Anal Fissure

It can be seen at any age. It usually starts after constipation. Pregnancy and difficult childbirth in women can also cause it. severe pain, bleeding, and palpable rectal swelling may be present. Itching can be added to this in the future. Bloating in the abdomen is often seen due to the difficulty of performing bowel movements.

Diagnosis is made by examination. Endoscopy may be required in suspicious cases or in the presence of other bowel complaints.

Medication is the first option if the pain is unbearable. If the disease does not go away after drug treatment, other methods are used. In case of pain or severe bleeding, direct surgical methods or botox can be tried.

classical operation technique: it is performed by anesthetizing the waist or with general anesthesia. It is a short operation. A part of the over-twitch muscle of the breech is cut through a small opening 1 cm near the breech. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the crack. After surgery, patients are usually kept in the hospital for 1 night. The healing time of the wound after surgery is 2-3 weeks. In this process, dressings and hygiene of the wound are important.

laser surgery: what is done in classical surgery is done with laser. however, a much smaller opening is made for the laser, if it is not necessary to remove the crack, the process is finished. General anesthesia is generally preferred. no dressing is required. It takes 2-3 weeks for the crack to heal again.

Botox application: it paralyzes the muscle that is cut and loosened during the surgery for a period of 3 months, makes it relax, that is, it imitates the surgery. It is done by injection from the side of the anus. does not require anesthesia. does not require hospitalization after injection. After botox is done, drug treatment is required for a while.

There is a risk of recurrence after all interventions. In such a case, action is taken according to the state of the newly developed crack. There is a low probability of incontinence after surgery, but this probability increases with age and the presence of other diseases in the patient. This side effect after botox is temporary.

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