An Introversion Method: MEDITATION

Meditation is a method of introversion we hear often; its importance is increasingly understood and the number of studies on it is increasing and it is becoming a method applied by wider masses.

The aim of meditation is to reach our calm essence by catching inner peace and to feel that magnificent power within us by getting in touch with the universal energy by reaching our integrity.

Regular meditation has many physical and psychological benefits;

– With meditation, one’s mental confusion ends and his ability to concentrate increases

– Meditation calms the nerves and reduces one’s stress. Thus, the person perceives the difficulties of life as they are without exaggeration and looks for solutions.

– As the person can think more focused, there is an increase in business success and it reinforces the self-confidence of the person.

– Thanks to its calmness, it provides positive momentum to the person in relations.

– We know that a healthy mind reflects positively on the body. Through meditation, a person regains his physical health as well as his mental health. It has a supportive effect in preventing the risk of disease.

– Thanks to introversion, the person knows and understands himself better; thus, it makes better choices in life and takes steps in line with its own potential.


You should do the meditation in a quiet environment where you will feel comfortable. It is important to choose a time period where you will not be disturbed by anyone. You can use calming music in the background that is good for you. You can also enrich your ritual by including things that will calm you down during meditation, such as candles and a pleasant, lightly scented incense.

During meditation, from time to time, your thoughts may disperse to events and people in the daily flow. When you catch yourself in such a situation, calmly turn your thoughts to the right direction and continue to apply them without panicking and getting angry with yourself. Day by day, you will find that you become adept at managing your thoughts and mind.

As in any job, it is essential to practice it consistently in order to truly benefit from meditation. In this way, we become open to experiencing his extraordinary contributions in our lives.

Get healing..!



Slowly turn your attention away from all images and sounds and observe your thoughts. Do not try to stop your thoughts; be an observer; Just watch your thoughts, without judging or being dragged along by your thoughts.


As you inhale, watch the breath come and go. The important thing here is to watch the breath without taking part in the breathing process. Let’s see; When you breathe, do you most notice the air you take in from the outside through your nose or the movement of the breath in your stomach. Wherever you noticed your breath, stay there and watch your breath come and go. When you are distracted from your thoughts, return to your breath and focus on it.


Another method is to use mantras to calm the mind. When you constantly chant the mantra, your thoughts will slow down. And you will start to feel more peaceful. Remain in the awareness of that thought as long as possible. Do not struggle with other thoughts or memories that come into your mind that may distract you. Watch them pass by and come back to yourself and say, “I am a peaceful being.”


Sit in front of a lit candle and focus your attention on the burning flame of the candle. As soon as you get distracted, concentrate on the candle flame again.


Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and focus your attention on your breath. Then imagine a peaceful and happy landscape in which you are included. Establish a regular breathing rhythm and use your imagination to fill this peaceful landscape with as much detail as possible.


Sit comfortably and slowly count to ten in your head. Pause and focus on each number. If you feel distracted, go back to the number 1 and start counting over.

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