An Ego Function: The Reality Test

The reality test is the inner part of the ego in Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory.
It is a concept that expresses the ability to distinguish between reality and external reality. Another
In other words, reality testing is about what a situation or event actually is and what it contains.
It is the ability to distinguish between what one hopes or fears, what one wishes to happen.
In ego psychology, the primary achievement of development includes parts of the self, including the id and superego.
and to create a harmonious ego and personality. This
The importance of reality testing in the process plays an undeniable role. In the reality test, the ego
distinguishing from the external world and external realities, with what is happening internally from oneself.
learns by distinguishing what is happening in the external world.
Inner reality is often quite different from outer reality. For example, a person in the morning
may believe that his boss hates him because he does not return the greeting, or
may be afraid of being hated; in reality, his boss is really very
he is busy and therefore very absent-minded or simply did not hear him. reality test
ability, the ego’s own fears, anxieties, beliefs, or hopes, and those in the present world.
allows you to distinguish between Freud argued that weaknesses in the reality test and the ego
hallucinations, delusions, and reality
He claimed that it caused other distortions in his perception. Also, the ego is severely stressed.
The difference between inner reality and outer reality becomes increasingly difficult for him when he is under
underlined that the decrease in
He said he took it to the show.
Ability to distinguish between reality and fiction of one’s own thoughts and feelings,
It is an important aspect of an individual’s development. errors in thoughts
may affect him and cause him to experience anxiety. reality test person
It focuses on identifying common mistakes in their thinking and correcting them. These errors are;
– Over-generalizing, or in a way, negative events are accompanied by other negative events.
assuming it will.
– All or nothing thinking that something is all good or all bad
– Comparing, constantly comparing one’s own achievements and achievements with those of others
– Blaming, attributing one’s failures or inability to one another. Incorrect
Another way of thinking is to express oneself in a matter for which one is not responsible.
accusation or admitting to the accusation charged against him.
To be exemplified in a few different ways;
– I just said good morning to Ayşe in the hallway, but she did not answer me. one i made
He must be angry with me for something, he may even be offended by me.
Which in reality; Many different explanations can be given for this. He hasn’t seen you, he’s pensive
or he is on his temper that day because of something.
– I failed the first exam of the year. It shows me that if this is how I started the year
It is certain that I will fail my remaining exams.

Which in reality; It’s perfectly normal to fail at something and it’s part of life.
It is not the same thing that it happens once and that it is/will be repeated all the time. Likewise a
that something happens once, that it will not change in any way in the future.
doesn’t mean either.
– Yağmur was hit by a car on the street while walking home and died.
He encounters a quarreling kitten. Take him to a veterinarian and treat him.
it makes. However, he said that there are many cats who have lived and will experience this and will help them.
He thinks that he cannot do it, starts to blame himself and feels bad.
Which in reality; city ​​life is unfortunately not entirely suitable for animals, likewise
A city is also necessary for a person to find radical solutions to a problem experienced there.
it is a big place. Rain has done his best, and basically that’s enough.
Why is Reality Test Important?
Every person has various thoughts, guesses or assumptions; These are people from time to time
It can suppress, even control, or cause him to exaggerate things. none
It’s not hard for anyone to predict the worst-case scenario. Emotions, anxieties, fears
at a high level, at the extremes; thinking by focusing on the negatives
Getting started is almost inevitable. Considering these aspects; Why is reality testing important?
I will try to list it in a few items:
– A solid ground on which to set one’s feet when making comparisons and comparisons
– Provides accurate judgment of situations and events.
– It provides a clear distinction between what is real and what is not.
– While distinguishing one’s emotions, inner world and outer reality; on the one hand
It enables them to gain insight and become aware of what is about themselves.
– It allows the person to develop reactions to certain situations and events.
How to Perform a Reality Test?
The ability to test reality is something that can be learned, a new way of thinking and feeling.
It is entirely possible to gain insight in this way.
Being objective, changing perspective
– To look at the current situation or event from as many different angles as possible
– To give yourself time to evaluate the situation and make a judgment, to hurry
and/or not being pressured to make quick decisions.
– Every person has his own thoughts and feelings, and these are according to the situation.
can change, any person perceives or handles the current situation incorrectly.
never forget that it is always possible to get
Think first, then act
– Deciding how to react emotionally to the situation

– On how suitable the current situation or event is to incorporate emotions
– Paying attention to recurring themes and patterns in life, and balancing them, functional
to think over to make
looking at yourself from the outside, looking at how you look from the outside
– If an event is taking place, and you are unsure of what emotion is right for it.
ask a friend whose point of view is trusted
– Before you start thinking about the outcome, stop and take a look at what the possible outcomes mean.
think about it
– Remembering that you don’t have to act right now, which is sometimes silence and
Inaction is also a reaction.
What Does a Weak Reality Test Lead to?
– Self-perception begins to suffer, unreasonably more focused on negative outcomes
is done.
– Thoughts and even emotions are at a normal level, but they start to seem too much to the person.
– The person is unconsciously responsible for his own mistakes or for things that are his own responsibility.
more prone to blame others.
– Being dependent on the opinions of others, it becomes easier to be manipulated or even deceived
for the person. In common terms, people with weak reality test skills should be directed,
They become “easy to eat” about being “used”.
The Benefits of Paying Attention to and Reflecting on Behaviors
– A deeper awareness and insight into his inner world and his inner reality
is provided so that it becomes easier for the person to reach the real thoughts, the reality of the self.
– thinking/working on current situations; on similar things to happen in the future
can also be applied.
– More accurate information about situations that cause stress, discomfort, anxiety and fears on the person.
can make decisions.
– The person learns to look with a wider perspective, which leads him to helpless, unsolvable situations.
since staying.
– Paying attention to what is focused on, re-emphasizing it when necessary, and
think; it is just as possible to produce more complex and robust solutions.
Reality Test in Psychotherapy
In therapy, reality testing, anxiety about his own life
It is a functional concept in terms of helping individuals. People often have a situation
to avoid taking into account its negative consequences; they even tend to deny it,
sometimes a person, on the contrary, only dwells on possible negative consequences. However, all
to dwell on the likely consequences and their likely effects, the person’s relevant situation or

helps her deal with the situation in a way she can handle; that something looks like
It also helps to take into account that it may not be as bad as
makes it easier to decide how to deal with an outcome. Such an approach is also
it also provides insight into the person; As a result, many people even do the worst thing that can happen.
Being able to accept it makes it possible to accept the fears about it before it happened.

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