Am I Weak by Starving?

In our society, “What to do to lose weight?” The most common answers to the question are “Hold your throat, stay hungry, don’t eat it, don’t eat this and get weak”. Do we really lose weight by starving and torturing our bodies?

In the beginning yes. Since the amount of calories you take will decrease when you are hungry, some weight loss can be seen. The disadvantages seen on the scale are water and muscle loss.

If the amount of energy required for the body to work continues to be limited, over time, the organs decrease their working capacity and slow down. The body perceives this situation as critical and says, “Where is my end going, I think there is a shortage in front of me, there is no proper energy. Better let me send a signal to the brain”. Eeee brain received the signal will it be empty? It commands, “From now on, every food that enters this body will be stored as fat” and everything you eat is stored as fat.


Cholesterol, which poses a risk of disease for humans, is fat-like structures found in the membrane of animal cells and carried in blood plasma.

cholesterol ; In addition to the production of vitamin D, bile acids, sex hormones, it also takes part in the metabolism of vitamins A, D, E and K.

A small part of the cholesterol produced in the body is taken with food. In a healthy individual, the blood cholesterol level should be below 200 mg/dL. High blood level causes accumulation in the arteries. This increases the risk of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.


Good cholesterol (HDL) means high-density lipoprotein. It has a scavenging effect of bad cholesterol in the veins. With exercise, its level in the blood may increase.

Bad cholesterol ie LDL; means low-density lipoprotein. It increases the risk of blockage by accumulating in the veins.


Fat should be reduced in diet. Unsaturated oils (olive oil, hazelnut oil, etc.) should be preferred instead of saturated fats (butter, tail oil, etc.).

Avoid frying, pastries and delicatessen products.

Steam, grill, oven should be preferred instead of frying as a cooking method.

Since pulp will increase cholesterol excretion from the intestines, consumption of vegetables and fruits should be increased, edible fruits with shells should be consumed with their shells. Whole grain products with pulp, rye, bulgur, dried legumes should be preferred.

When consuming meat, it should be freed from visible fat. No extra fat should be added to meat dishes.

Foods with high omega 3 content (fish, walnuts, etc.) should be consumed.

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