Am I depressed?

“I’m depressed!” “I had a very bad day, I got depressed.” “I am not in a good mood for two days, I am not well, I am depressed!”

We use the term depression frequently during the day without realizing it. So much so that we even forget what it really means. It is very normal to feel tired periodically.

So, how do we know that we are likely to be depressed?
– Difficulty maintaining daily routine
– Increased anxiety and restlessness
– Appetite changes, uncontrolled weight change
– Outbursts of anger, feeling irritable
– Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies
– Radical changes in sleep patterns
– Difficulty concentrating

If you are experiencing these and similar factors severely, immediately “Am I depressed?” It would be helpful to consult a psychologist before saying so. Let’s not forget that there are many factors to consider before getting a diagnosis.

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