Am I Depressed?

Deep sorrows, stress, distress, living conditions, economic problems… This list could be longer.

While we may feel unhappy, helpless and dejected even in normal life, we may have thoughts that we are depressed with the problems experienced.

However, temporary mood swings during the day are not called depression. Even if we say we are depressed when we encounter a situation that bothers us, this is not true depression.

The fact that the state of sadness and grief interferes with daily activities, lasts for a long time and impairs functionality can be a sign of the development of depression.

Depression, whose name we frequently mention, becomes a serious health problem if it is not treated, no matter how its symptoms are experienced.

In order to diagnose depression, some characteristics of the person should be questioned.

BysWE53gGaDoSHruVyBwT8EX1vXMcUuxSqvVkB1 R7OMt9gIMYvnuIqz2il4mbQrTU16hvyTtQMKeVdLgSEDepressed Mood: The person has a depressed, sad, gloomy and distressed mood.

BysWE53gGaDoSHruVyBwT8EX1vXMcUuxSqvVkB1 R7OMt9gIMYvnuIqz2il4mbQrTU16hvyTtQMKeVdLgSELack of interest: You may lose interest in daily activities that you previously enjoyed (such as reading, exercising, watching TV).

BysWE53gGaDoSHruVyBwT8EX1vXMcUuxSqvVkB1 R7OMt9gIMYvnuIqz2il4mbQrTU16hvyTtQMKeVdLgSESleep disorders: In this case, symptoms such as not being able to sleep, waking up frequently, waking up early in the morning or increasing sleepiness can be observed.

BysWE53gGaDoSHruVyBwT8EX1vXMcUuxSqvVkB1 R7OMt9gIMYvnuIqz2il4mbQrTU16hvyTtQMKeVdLgSE Appetite problems: The person may lose weight. In the last month, 5% of the average weight without dieting, at least 4-5 kg. can be given. Some depressed people may also gain weight.

BysWE53gGaDoSHruVyBwT8EX1vXMcUuxSqvVkB1 R7OMt9gIMYvnuIqz2il4mbQrTU16hvyTtQMKeVdLgSEDifficulty in concentration: In case of depression, the person experiences distraction and difficulty concentrating.

BysWE53gGaDoSHruVyBwT8EX1vXMcUuxSqvVkB1 R7OMt9gIMYvnuIqz2il4mbQrTU16hvyTtQMKeVdLgSEFatigue: A decrease in physical energy occurs.

BysWE53gGaDoSHruVyBwT8EX1vXMcUuxSqvVkB1 R7OMt9gIMYvnuIqz2il4mbQrTU16hvyTtQMKeVdLgSEPsychomotor restlessness or retardation: The picture of depression causes agitation or a decrease in psychological functions.

BysWE53gGaDoSHruVyBwT8EX1vXMcUuxSqvVkB1 R7OMt9gIMYvnuIqz2il4mbQrTU16hvyTtQMKeVdLgSEGuilt-worthlessness thoughts: While feeling guilty about the events experienced, it can also be seen that the person feels worthless.

BysWE53gGaDoSHruVyBwT8EX1vXMcUuxSqvVkB1 R7OMt9gIMYvnuIqz2il4mbQrTU16hvyTtQMKeVdLgSELife-threatening thoughts: The person may have thoughts of death, tendencies or attempts, that is, suicidal tendencies.

If you notice at least 5 of these symptoms that last at least 2 weeks and disrupt your life, it may mean that you are facing depression and need psychiatric help.

Even if we are not facing depression, you can consider suggestions to cope with sadness and distress.

First of all, remember that you have the power to solve all problems, Everything that is difficult for us now will soon become a life event that shows our strengths.

Do not forget to exercise regularly. Regular sports and exercises support the healthy functioning of the hormones in the brain and reduce the rate of mental depression.

Pay attention to a healthy diet.

Regular sleep is physically and mentally relaxing. If you want to be in good mental and physical health, regular sleep is a must.

When the body feels good, it reflects this to the mind and emotions.

Participate in social events. It will make you feel good to see your relatives, family and friends frequently.

Find different occupations and hobbies that will spice up your monotonous life.

Notice your thoughts. Let go of your negative thoughts.

Stop feeling anger and grudges. Getting angry hurts both you and those around you. For your own mental health, try to forgive.

Adopt positive thinking and a positive approach.

Take time for yourself.

smile. Body, soul, mind and emotion are an inseparable whole. When we change one, the others change and move together.

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