Allergy and Sinusitis in Children

Most of the problems related to otorhinolaryngological diseases in children are direct or
indirectly related to allergies. It is estimated that ‘ of children have allergic rhinitis.
An underlying allergic disease should not be overlooked in sinusitis.

A number of findings in periods other than acute infection attacks give us a lot of information about allergic disease.
gives important information. Runny nose, eczema, frequent upper respiratory tract infections, sleep
irregularity, restless and wheezing or snoring, frequent middle ear infections, family history
The history of allergy in the mother or father is the first thing we question. allergic rhinitis seasonal or year
can appear in long-lasting patterns.

Of course, the risk of developing sinusitis in a nose that is frequently blocked, in a nose with poor air circulation
it is much more. Especially in cold winter months, during periods of intense flu infections, simple
A cold can easily turn into an attack of sinusitis in such patients.

Sinusitis is a disease that heals in 6-8 weeks at the latest under normal conditions. Symptoms longer than 12 weeks
If it lasts and progresses in acute attacks, we begin to talk about a chronic sinusitis. in person
whether there is an immune problem or not, it should be investigated and eliminated from many other systemic diseases.
must be done. For example, a foreign body (a piece of toy, food, etc.)
beads etc…) may cause bad smelling nasal discharge and sinusitis. These are thoroughly investigated and
It is extremely important to organize accordingly. Especially in sinusitis in children, of course, infection
If necessary, antibiotics and other supportive treatments are applied depending on the condition, but adenoid, advanced
It is a condition that causes nasal congestion such as large tonsils, flesh growths that we call nasal polyps.
If there is a cause of obstruction, it may be necessary to open the airway surgically.

In this case, your doctor will find the cause of recurrent sinusitis by conducting a full and comprehensive examination and
Cause-oriented treatment will help solve your child’s problem.

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