Allergic Diseases and Tests

A group of allergic diseases that we call Atopic Dermatitis, Urticaria, Allergic Eczemas, Allergic Respiratory Diseases, Hay Fever; It has increased significantly in recent years due to the increase in western lifestyle, environmental pollution, food containing additives, chemicals used in cleaning products.

Allergic diseases manifested by complaints such as itching and rashes, runny nose, sneezing, sinusitis symptoms (headache, nasal congestion, post-nasal drip), dry coughs, shortness of breath, when early diagnosis and treatment are applied; people can start living a comfortable and comfortable life again. In our clinic, our dermatology specialist doctor especially applies the skin prick test, skin patch and specific IGE tests applied in allergic diseases, and explains in detail what you are allergic to and how you can protect yourself from allergy according to the results of your allergy tests. As known; The basic treatment in allergy is to stay away from the factors that cause you allergy. If person; If he does not know what he is allergic to, he does not know what to avoid, and he lives with the factors that cause allergies without even realizing it, and he can consume allergenic foods. In cases where food allergy is detected by examinations; Dermatology Specialist. Dr. Aslıhan Güven organizes personalized nutrition programs. If you are allergic to factors such as airborne mold fungi, dust mites, meadow, grass or tree pollen; At that time, according to your allergy test result, special allergy vaccines are prepared for you and your vaccine treatments are successfully applied by our doctor in our clinic. With the implementation of a regular vaccination program, our allergy patients can start to lead their comfortable and comfortable lives by gaining immunity against allergy-causing agents without being dependent on allergy drugs, and find the opportunity to continue their school, work and private lives in a healthy way.

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