All Teeth in the Same Frame

All Teeth in the Same Frame

Panoramic x-rays are x-ray films that allow the jaws, all teeth, and many disorders in the jaw and teeth to be seen in a single film.


Why is panoramic x-ray needed?

  • Panoramic x-ray is necessary in the diagnosis of formations such as caries, cysts and tumors that cannot be seen in the jaw and teeth.
  • They are x-ray films that help to make treatment planning faster and more completely.
  • It is an x-ray that the physician should see before operations related to the jaw and teeth. Because these x-rays show the area to be treated broadly and increase the success of the operation.

What is digital radiography?

digital radiography; It is an X-ray imaging technique in which sensors are used instead of traditional films. There is no need for chemical processes to obtain the image. This saves time. At the same time, the image can be transferred easily in the digital environment. Another important advantage is that better quality images can be obtained with less radiation compared to conventional radiographs.panaromik1

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