“All on four” Implant Technique

With this technique, an entire dental arch can be fixed again thanks to 4 titanium implants. This technique has been demonstrated by extensive research as a result of some needs after many years of implant operations.

All on four implant technique is a unique technique as it makes the patient toothed very quickly. Temporary teeth are fixed on the implants, usually within 1 day after the implants are made. If the conditions are suitable, temporary teeth can be fixed on the implants as soon as the implant operation is completed after some special preparations.

What is the All-on-4 treatment concept?

The All-on-4 treatment concept is an implant treatment method that is economical according to the efficiency obtained, does not require the use of bone powder, and turns an edentulous mouth into fixed teeth within 1-3 days following the surgery.


1) A single jaw is made fixed-toothed using only 4 implants.

It can be achieved by using two flat implants in the anterior region and two curved implants in the posterior region.

2) Fixed temporary prostheses are made to function quickly.

Temporary teeth are fixed in the mouth as soon as possible in individuals who meet the fast loading criteria.

3) It is a method that does not use grafts.

By using angled implants in the posterior region, thicker bone tissue in the front is utilized.

What are the stages of All-on-4 treatment?

First of all, radiography and intraoral examination are performed for the patients whose All-on-4 treatment concept is planned, and the condition of the mouth, teeth, gums and jaws and the suitability of the procedure are evaluated.

If it is thought to be appropriate in the first stage, computerized tomography is taken, the bone condition of the patient is examined in 3D in more detail, and if the conditions are suitable, planning is made.

All-on-4 treatment consists of three stages: surgery, temporary teeth and permanent dental prosthesis.

After 4 implants are applied to the planned areas at the surgical stage, if sufficient torque values ​​are taken during the operation, measurements are taken immediately and temporary teeth are designed according to the measurements taken and fixed on the implants. After waiting for 4 months, temporary teeth are removed, permanent teeth are made by taking new measurements. Temporary and permanent teeth are prepared and finished with screws.

Does pain occur after the All on 4 procedure?

After each implant operation, conditions such as pain, swelling and bruising may occur. However, these conditions can be easily controlled with the medications your doctor will prescribe and the recommendations you will make.

Can the All on 4 technique be applied to every bone structure?

Unfortunately, the All-on-4 treatment concept cannot be applied to every individual with bone structure. One of the reasons for not being implemented; Especially in individuals with thinner bone than desired, 4 implants may be insufficient to support a whole jaw. Another one; situations where the closing relationship of the jaws is not as desired. All situations will be evaluated and notified to you by your doctor, and if not suitable, planning will be made on other implant treatment alternatives.


When can I use my prostheses after the All on 4 technique?

After the All-on-4 technique, you can start using the fixed prostheses immediately. However, in the 4-month period, which is the fusion period of the implants with the jawbone, you should be fed according to the dietary rules determined by your doctor. After 4 months, you can eat as you wish with your permanent prosthesis.

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