Algology (Science of pain)

Algology (Pain science) is a sub-branch science that diagnoses, treats and monitors pain (chronic pain) that lasts for 3 months or longer.

Algology specialists are entitled to become an algologist after 2 years of algology training, by taking the minor examination of physicians who have completed their anesthesiology, neurology and physical therapy specialties. The aim of the science of algology is to restore the quality of life lost due to chronic pain.

The main pains of algology are;

Migraine, tension-type headaches

Lumbar hernia, neck hernia-related pain

Pain in neck, back, waist joints due to calcification

Knee – hip-shoulder joint pain

cancer pains


shingles pain

Diabetic neuropathic pain (burning, stinging in the hands and feet due to diabetes)

Neuralgias (trigeminal neuralgia: electric shock pain in the face)

Pain due to vascular occlusion

The most common pains in the community are headaches, low back – neck pain, joint pain.

-What kind of treatment does the algologist apply?

When patients with pain that does not go away with drug therapy and physical therapy come to the algology clinic, they can be diagnosed after a detailed examination and different drug treatments can be started. In suitable patients, local anesthetic drugs are applied to the nerves of the area of ​​pain. nerve blocks can be done. To relieve pain by desensitizing the nerves radiofrequency therapy (colloquially known as laser, burning therapy) can be applied. Trigger point injections for patients with fibromyalgia, muscle stiffness , ozone applications can be made. In patients who have had lumbar-neck hernia surgery many times but whose pain continues SCS (pain pacemaker) can be fitted. If the pain does not decrease with drugs in cancer pain epidural catheter(known as the morphine pump) to the nerve roots to which the cancer is concerned. sympathetic blocks(known as nerve root burning treatment) can be applied.

When chronic pain patients are not treated, inactivity, insomnia, weight gain and depression may develop in patients who cannot move. Pain management is multidisciplinary for these reasons. Physical therapy and psychiatric support are very important.

Living with pain is not your destiny. We can reduce your pain by 80% with algology treatments. I wish you healthy and pain-free days.

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