Alas I’m Back From Vacation

The summer season has come and everyone is having a peaceful and happy holiday. Maybe it’s because of the extra weight.
you survived to look fit on vacation and you need to continue to eat healthy while on vacation
had to. But the sea made you hungry, you couldn’t stand the open buffet, what if you’ve come this far?
By saying let’s eat dessert too, you exceeded the portion control and calories. Time passed, the holiday is over, you came home
And even though you were afraid to stand on the scale, you found yourself on the scale. What weight have I gained!!!
‘Just like me !’ If so, this article is for you. To quickly lose the weight you gained after the holiday
Tips you can use:
Put your eating pattern, which has been disrupted during the holiday, back into place, consume 3 main meals, morning-lunch-evening.
Boiled egg at breakfast (1 tsp olive oil + parsley + dill +
Consume as a salad with green onions + lemon) and meet your protein needs with cheese. egg full
It will help you stay. Do this for at least 2 weeks after returning from vacation.
Back to herbal teas. I know you neglected a lot on vacation, even to sugary and alcoholic drinks.
you headed. Do not neglect the consumption of 3 herbal teas a day, including 1 cup at snacks.
Eat a vegetable-based diet for the first week! Baking your favorite vegetables with very little oil and pouring ice-cold yogurt on them
You can make a fit main meal by adding a little paprika. At this point, salads will also come to the rescue,
a protein source (without exaggerating the amount of cheese, legumes, tuna and
like chicken) can be your savior. If it will replace the main meal in your salads, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
don’t forget.
Consume detox drinks. Detox drinks with a high amount of vegetables, which are not high in calories, as the main meal
You can consume it instead. But my advice to you is not to spend 3 days while consuming detox drinks, edema
You may lose fluids and electrolytes because you throw it away. You can consume it for breakfast after your holiday.
Your recipe for the magic detox drink is from me:
Green detox magic
1 green apple
a pinch of arugula
A pinch of parsley
1 cucumber
juice of 1 lemon
1 pinky finger ginger
1 teaspoon ground flaxseed

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