Aging and metaphysics

The universe is a whole with all the beings in it. People, animals, plants, oceans are parts that each serve the whole.

Our physical structure is our body. However, we should not forget our metaphysical bodies, which are now very clearly known and revealed with scientific data. The existence of our metaphysical body can be viewed kaleidoscopically with special devices in the energy dimension.

Emotions are also particles of energy. Each emotion has its own color and energy. Energy emission occurs via biophotons. Think of it this way. We feel good in the company of loving, lively people.

We have been able to become good friends with the people we call “good friends” because our energy field is similar. The people we see for the first time can sometimes come very close to us. We feel safe with some people. We say “I started the day energetically today” and we have a very good day. Alongside a nervous person, we can start to get nervous.

We spread the energy of the emotion we carry intensely around us. Being full of love, smiling, positive thinking increases the energy of our body and spreads around us.

Let’s laugh, let’s smile. We use less of our muscles when smiling. When we are nervous or angry, our muscles work more. We wrinkle less J

Let’s love so we can be loved! Let’s age normally 😉

Let’s trust so that we become a trusted person! 😉

What is inside us is reflected outside! We are mirrors.

Let’s think positively for healthy aging! Let’s love! Let’s laugh! Let’s love our life and ourselves! Let’s start the change movement within ourselves first and change in a positive way!

Are you in?

Dr. Emine Sumeyye Unal

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