Age factor in plastic surgery preference

The feeling of being admired, which has been going on since the existence of humanity, also brings about being at peace with oneself. With aesthetic applications, it is possible to remove an aspect of the person that he does not like. Person of any age; Being able to look the way he wants and at the age he feels allows him to be at peace with himself.

For this reason, we are faced with an increasing demand for plastic surgery every year. When we compare these demands with age, an interesting analysis emerges. As a result, we see that the demands of each age group are very different from each other. Aesthetic demands according to age groups are listed as follows:

Under 20:

The aesthetic demands of this age group are mainly ear aesthetics and rhinoplasty. We do not recommend or perform plastic surgeries under the age of 18 unless there is a health problem and without family approval. Since the physical development is not completed under the age of 18, the results to be obtained after the operation may not be very effective. On the other hand, emotional fluctuations are experienced intensely at these ages, a young person may not want something they want today and tomorrow.

For ear aesthetics; Considering the psychological state of the child, we can say that it is the only operation we perform at an early age.


The operations that the individual wants to know himself fully and that we perform; rhinoplasty, liposuction and breast augmentation surgeries.


We frequently perform appropriate aesthetic surgeries for women in this age group, especially for postpartum breast and abdominal deformities. In men; gynecomastia. Liposuction and hair transplantation are frequently used for abdominal fat.

We see that individuals with good socio-economic status carry the rhinoplasty, which they postponed in their twenties, to this age.


It is the period when facial and body aging begins. In this middle age group, the demand for rejuvenation surgeries and medical aesthetic applications is increasing. In addition to eyelid aesthetics, tummy tuck, face lift surgeries, we frequently perform procedures for face and eyebrow lifting with thread, filling, botox, laser skin rejuvenation.


Eyelid surgeries, lipofilling, face and neck lift surgeries, botox, filling and other rejuvenation procedures are aesthetic interventions preferred by men and women in this age group.

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