After Surgical Intervention and Tooth Extraction

* It is normal to see edema (swelling) and bruising after the operation. For the control of edema, the cold compress that you will apply externally at intervals of ten minutes for the first 48 hours is an important factor. It may take 4-5 days for the edema to disappear completely.

* It is normal to have bleeding in the form of leakage from the wound area and to see a pink saliva when spitting out. This may continue for up to two days. In order to avoid bleeding, it is important that you do not take hot food and drinks, and do not use the side of the operated area until the stitches are removed.

* After the operation, you can throw the tampon placed on the wound area after 30 minutes, there is no need to put the tampon in its place again.

* Do not spit frequently, it is very important that you do not suck the wound area. Spitting by sucking both increases bleeding and prevents healing by disrupting the clot formed in the wound.

* You can have your first meal two hours after the operation. Prefer warm, liquid and soft foods in your meals.

* Do not brush the operation area for the first five days; You can then gently brush it. In the first days, it is necessary to provide hygiene with mouthwash.

* Stitches should be removed after seven days unless you have been told otherwise.

* Complete healing of the gingiva may take another 9-10 days after the stitches are removed.

* Excessive pressure should not be applied on these teeth for eight weeks after apical resection operations.

* No smoking for five days.

* When you have pain that lasts longer than the third day or gets worse in the following days; If you have ongoing bleeding after the second day or if bleeding starts again, please call your doctor.

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