Afife Jale


“ Not by pitying me; Remember by thinking, loving and embracing. If there is theater, I exist!”

Afife’s passion for theater, her dream of going on stage one day, started with plays where she went hand in hand with Pasha’s grandfather many years ago. However, Muslim women were forbidden to appear on the stage at that time. Although Pasha’s grandfather tells about the obstacle in front of her, the little girl is not old enough to understand them. Upon her interest in theater, her nanny Sophia designed a stage for Ziya and Afife to act out the play they wanted, and the performances of the two children became the biggest source of entertainment for the household, especially their grandfather Sait Pasha. Said Pasha has always appreciated his grandchildren’s interest in art and was happy. His father, Hidayet Bey, is at the forefront with his more conservative identity, as well as being very knowledgeable in the family. Hidayet Bey, Ottoman, Dr. Sait Pasha, on the other hand, is in conflict between conservatism and modernity, as he defends the Union and Progress. When Afife was in her last year of primary school, mobilization was declared in all the lands of the Ottoman Empire. The Istanbul Mayor of the period was the first city theater to protect the spirituality of the society. ‘Darülbedayi-i Osmani’ He founded the company and brought the famous French theater actor Andre Antoine. Again in this period, non-Muslim women began to take the stage together with Muslim men in the theater community. The best actress of this period is Eliza Binemeciyan, an Armenian woman who is constantly mentioned. Afife, on the other hand, is trying hard to keep up with her school life while constantly following the changes in the theater community of the period. (Liberty Fighter Mod). Finally, he won the painting department of the school he dreamed of, Sanayi i Nefise Mektebi. When he saw the announcement of the board of directors of Darülbedayi that a limited number of Turkish girls would be given theater education in Temaşa Magazine, which would change his life completely during this period, his love for theater outweighed all the difficulties in front of him. At the age of 16, he stepped into Darülbedayi without telling anyone from his family. Her father, Hidayet Bey, got very angry when he saw his daughter in Temaşa Magazine and offered two options to Afife by saying “either leave the theater or go home”. (His father’s unsupportive expulsion from home formed the origin of the Emotional Deprivation Scheme on the one hand, and the Abandonment Scheme on the other.) Her mother, Methiye Hanım, knew how strong her daughter’s love for theater was, so she made a very brave decision by not leaving her daughter alone. However, since his beloved father passed away, he no longer has a door to go to. Meanwhile, Sophia, Afife’s nanny, said that Afife is my daughter too and opened her house to them. The big day has come at the end of the three women’s struggles with great economic difficulties. As Afife Jale, she surprisingly met the audience for the first time in Kadıköy, the place of the most Western-style living in the Ottoman Empire, with the role of ‘Emel’ in Eliza Binemeciyan’s work titled “Patches”, which she exhibited for years. The audience, who saw him on the stage, responded to his outstanding performance with strong applause. Thereupon, Darülbedayi experienced the victory of putting the first Muslim Turkish woman on the stage, and they wanted to bring it on the stage again with another play played by Eliza for the next week. The name of this game is ‘Sweet Secret’. When the first act of the play closed and went backstage, a lot of police officers said that they would take Afife Jale to the center. At that very moment, the pain that would never leave him alone in his life was stuck in his head. (As a result of the inhibition of his success by state officials, the psychosomatic mode was activated and migraine attacks began) . Just when she was going to be taken to the center, Kınar Hanım helped Afife Jale escape. In those days, Eliza Binemeciyan returned to Istanbul and Darülbedayi. While the whole theater community was talking about Afife, the famous actress could not be proud of, and everything that was said about Afife turned everyone off. In this process, Afife Jale, on the one hand, struggles with headaches that do not go away, on the other hand, she is afraid of not being able to go on stage. (Pessimism Chart) . After a fearful wait, Darülbedayi informed him of the game ‘Odalık’ that they wanted him to play. This game is a play that reveals the social realities and tells the concubine life of little girls who are tasked with presenting only their bodies to their masters. Although Afife is fully prepared for this game, strong headaches continue. His mother, Methiye Hanım, tried all the remedies and finally decided to take him to a psychiatrist. They stepped into Suat’s clinic with a hope. Dr. Suat said that the only remedy for headaches was to use morphine, and he never warned the young girl about addiction. Thanks to morphine, the pain was gone. Afife, who was mentioned in the newspapers as “A star was born”, is now ready to stage the play “Odalık”. He finished the first act again with a superb performance, and the audience collapsed with applause. The second act was the same again and the police raided. That goddamn headache started again as he got off the stage to escape the police (Psychosomatic Mode). The Darülbedayi ‘s Board of Directors was ordered not to appear on the stage in an official letter from the Istanbul Mayor’s Office. Thereupon, Afife wrote the following lines in her diary, which was inherited from her Pasha grandfather. “ Darülbedayi’s Board of Directors

One of its members is going to Şeyhülislam. From there it is written to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and from there to the Şehremaneti. It is reported that I will be expelled from Darülbedayi because it is against Islam for Muslim women to appear on the stage.” (March 3, 1921)Thereupon, Afife started to have strong headaches again, as she was never called or asked by the theater community. (Abandonment and Emotional Deprivation Chart) , Dr. He always knocked on Suat’s door. Dr. After Suat made him addicted to morphine, he proposed to her. Upon Afife’s rejection of this marriage, Dr. Suat made him pay for morphine with his body and raped her. He had to reject the marriage proposal of his childhood love, Ziya, as he felt himself spiritually and physically contaminated. ( Imperfection Chart) . When hope for the theater is lost again (Pessimism Chart)Burhanettin Bey, one of the former teachers of Darülbedayi, knocked on his door and was in the Burhanettin Bey Company. ‘Napoleon Bonaparte’ He wanted her to appear on stage. It was not easy for Burhanettin Bey to put Afife on the stage, he succeeded in putting Afife on the stage by asking the help of the French soldiers against the Ottoman and British law enforcement forces. When Afife, who took the stage in front of General Pelle, took the stage safely and ended her play, the hall collapsed with applause. Afife managed to escape at the end of the game, and Burhanettin Bey was not seen for a long time. Afife did not hear from him until she learned that Burhanettin Bey and Semiye were going on a tour of Egypt. Since she could not accept not being able to go on stage, her headaches did not go away again and she could not get out of bed. (Psychosomatic mode) . While Afife was experiencing these, the Ottoman Empire came to an end, and on Tuesday, July 11, 1923, the Darülbedayi team got permission for Muslim Turkish women to take the stage in the presence of Mustafa Kemal Pasha and gave their show to the Pasha. With the pain of being pushed to the stage and then forgotten, Afife was very upset that Bedia Hanım, the wife of Muvahhit Bey, not herself, appeared before the pasha ( The Charity of Righteousness thought that she should be there as the first Turkish woman to appear on the stage. Since this did not happen, he became a hurt child.)After this sadness, he released himself again and brought him to his feet, İsmail Faik Bey. ‘Broken heart’ He removed the letter he wrote to play in the game. In the happiness of not being forgotten, Afife has prepared a play that is worthy of her name, well prepared for her role. However, the wind of change in the country did not affect Afife’s life, and she faced the same end. Since İsmail Bey was taken to the police station for taking the Muslim woman to the stage, his headaches increased again, and he breathed as usual with Dr. He took it in Suat’s clinic. (Psychosomatic Mode). In this process, women were allowed to take the stage, and the Turkish Theater Protection Society was established in Ankara. During this time, Ms. Bedia added successes to her achievements and managed to make her name known. She reached the prestige that Afife wanted to achieve with the support of her husband. (Afife felt unsuccessful in the face of Ms. Bedia’s successes with the support of her husband. However, the person who should be in her place is herself. Failure Chart- Righteousness Chart). After this destruction, it was Fikret Şadi Bey who knocked on his door. Fikret Şadi Bey, on the other hand, offered Afifeye to join the Trabzon tour they organized with his wife, Zabel Hanım. Afife’s love for theater led her to the road this time when she was 22 years old. With the changing country conditions, importance has been given to theater and women. When they arrived in Trabzon, the police chief of the region greeted them. Unfortunately, as soon as he saw the chief of police, the headaches recurred. Because that person is the Kadıköy police who caused headaches years ago and treated him as a bad woman. When Afife’s headaches recurred in these lands where Dr Suat’s clinic is far away, she immediately needed morphine, asked for help from the team and returned to Istanbul. Although she tried every way to get on the stage, she could not digest the fact that the women after her could easily take the stage and come to the point of crown. As soon as he returned from Trabzon, he bought himself a set of injectors, and his addiction to morphine increased. (Detached Confrontational Mod).In this process, he distanced himself from the theater and pushed himself into invisibility as usual. (Social Isolation Chart – Social Withdrawal Mode) . After every failure he experienced, he distanced himself from people and camouflaged himself in the social environments he entered. (Afife Jale interpreted not staying on the agenda as a failure. Failure Chart) Darülbedayi, on the other hand, has come a long way in this process and started to produce works at the European level. However, no one offered a role to Afife Jale. He felt used because those who put him on stage no longer wanted him. (Skepticism Chart) Afife met her second and last love, Selehattin Bey, at the casino she went to with her friends during these depressive times. Selehattin Pınar is a very popular composer and drum player of the period. Selehattin Bey composed the depth in Afife’s eyes with these words: “I met you one spring evening, you were in a joyful rush. When you look deeply into your eyes, why did you bow your head? An old desire sleeping in me, he said, that’s what I’ve been looking for for years. Now I ask you to bend my neck, where have you been before?” S elehattin Pınar is a young man who has passed through the roads Afife passed through and was rejected by his father as an instrumentalist. He loved the young woman as if he saw his own past in those eyes. (Abandonment Schema Chemistry) . When Afife’s feelings reciprocated her, the decision to marry came immediately. While Selehattin added successes to his successes during this period, Afife is very upset that he could not go beyond being the ‘First Muslim Theater Actor’. ( Failure Chart).The only way to alleviate his sadness is to constantly feel himself.

found in making (Detached Confrontational Mod). Selehattin Bey, on the other hand, started to come home with theater tickets to make him happy and get him out of bed. Afife felt the sadness even more that she had not been asked about in the theater show she participated in. (Abandonment and Emotional Deprivation Chart) . Although he sought to do something to get back to the theater, no one offered to work with him. On the one hand, while he is sad that he is not wanted in the theater community. (Failure, Abandonment Chart and Status Seeking Chart)On the other hand, she began to lose the interest of her husband. (Emotional Deprivation and Abandonment Chart) One day, when she was with him, he had a crisis because the morphine time had passed, and when they came home, he had to ask his wife for help to make morphine. During this period, Selehattin Bey fell in love with a young woman and began to write songs for her. Realizing this, Afife wanted to leave even though she loved her husband very much. (Abandonment Scheme-Excess waste). They broke up after the last six years of togetherness and after the separation, he did not want to meet anyone and threw himself on the street. After her suitcase was stolen, she had a morphine crisis and died in Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital. For a long time he kept himself a mystery, without eating or drinking. (Social Isolation Chart

Psychosomatic Mode). All the hospital staff knew about him was that he was a morphine addict. During her meeting with the doctor in the fourth year in the hospital, while the young doctor was listening to a program on the radio where Selehattin Pınar was a guest, Afife also wanted to listen and told the young doctor about her whole life. When the young doctor realized that the person in front of him was Afife Jale, he wanted to help her find her family, but Afife said that she could not tolerate being forgotten by the whole community. The young doctor also told Nusret Safa Coşkun, one of the journalists of the time, the following lines of Afife. “Dear sir, I am Afife Jale, the first Muslim woman to appear on the stage. The pain and suffering I suffered during the years I practiced my art has not ended these days. I am writing to you from Bakırköy asylum. I am in a really difficult situation and I have a lot of things that I want to tell you. I beg you to come visit me one day. In this way, while performing your journalistic duty, you will also have done a very positive job on behalf of humanity…” has sent. Nusret Safa, on the other hand, came to the hospital as soon as he received the young doctor’s letter and started talking to Afife Jale with the chief physician of the period. Afife Jale started with the following words: “They forgot me, sir… the writer who kissed me on my forehead, the great men who encouraged me, my fans, my audience, my friends, all forgot about me when I went on stage. How fast. There is no person knocking on my doors and asking my memory. They’ve all forgotten… I’m drowning here. I don’t want to die in the corner of the madhouse. Whatever you do, get me out of here (NS Coşkun curtain and scene number: 6 September 1941). (Abandonment Chart, Emotional Deprivation Chart, Status Seeking Chart)

The young journalist was Afife’s biggest supporter in the last days of her life, she wrote the powerful text that would make her name known, found her brother Salah to get her out of the hospital, asked for help from the municipality and became her supporter in many issues. Afife grew up in broken family ties and remained distant with wars. At the end of the day, he will go to his own brother again. When he met his brother, the first thing he asked was his mother and nanny. He learned that after both of them had given up hope on him, they had passed away in close periods of time because they had no purpose in their lives. When he was at his brother’s house, he recovered a little more in 1.5 years, and when he first came to himself, he asked for a theater magazine again. In this process, his journalist friend never left him alone and always visited him. The last thing he wants from her is to see Selehattin for the last time. Selehattin Bey came as soon as he got the news, and he could not understand the change in him in the course of time. There is no trace of the beautiful woman he once fell in love with because he could not eat at all. Afife asked him to transfer her to Bakırköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital again so that she would not be a burden to her brother. Afife, who was waiting for her death, died on July 24, 1941, at the age of 39, in Bakırköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital, with her great love for art and her sadness. His funeral was held by three important men in his life. His older brother Salah, his ex-wife Selehattin Pınar and Journalist Nusret Safa.

He devoted his life to the theater and wanted someone to see the ordeal he suffered for the development of the theater. What destroys it is that it has not been sought and its value is not known. (Abandonment, Emotional Deprivation, Status Seeking Chart)

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