Aesthetics for quality of life

Today, surgical operations for aesthetic purposes have become a necessity in some cases that are no longer arbitrary.

When it comes to aesthetics, most people think of only surgical operations for a more beautiful appearance. However, today, we see that the basis of aesthetic operations is no longer just the concern of aesthetic beauty. Some body deformations that exist in the aesthetic sense often negatively affect the quality of daily life. We can say that aesthetic surgeries have become a necessity in order to eliminate these negative effects.

It has become an undeniable fact that aesthetic operations not only contribute to the appearance of the person, but also increase the quality of life. Rhinoplasty and breast aesthetics are among the surgical operations that increase the quality of life. Today, aesthetic operations have become a necessity in some cases, and even a serious awareness has arisen in the public.

We can list the aesthetic interventions that contribute to the quality of life as follows:

Breast Reduction: Breasts that are large compared to their body proportions cause skin problems such as diaper rash as well as back and shoulder pain. These problems can be easily eliminated with a breast reduction aesthetic.

Nose Aesthetics: Deformity can also cause breathing problems. The nose, which cannot fully fulfill the task of breathing, leaves this task to the mouth. However, this will bring along many diseases. In order not to encounter such a problem and for a quality breath, rhinoplasty is in the first place among the most preferred operations.

Eyelid aesthetic: With genetic factors, gravity and advancing age, bags on the eyelids and drooping of the eyelids due to bagging are seen. This problem limits the person’s field of vision. With an operation to be performed, the field of view expands. Seeing becomes easier.

Genital Aesthetics: Extreme loosening and loosening of the vagina after normal births is one of the most common conditions. It depends on the fact that the tissues stretched and loosened during birth do not return to normal after birth. Such a problem can negatively affect the sexual life of the spouses, as well as result in divorce. This problem can be eliminated with a local intervention.

Gynecomastia: Gynecomastia, also called breast enlargement in men, is actually a condition that is not talked about much, but is very common. In such a case, the person stays away from activities that reveal the body, such as swimming in the sea.

Abdominal Aesthetics: Excess fat in the abdomen and sagging skin can restrict the movement of the person, while at the same time causing pain in the lumbar region. After liposuction operations for tummy tuck or regional lubrication problem, the person can move more easily. With these operations, the problem of not being able to find suitable clothes for a person who has a proportional body is also eliminated.

Last word: We can say that “a person who is not at peace with his body is not at peace with himself” about the psychological depression caused by the general image. In other words, this can create a psychological breakdown in the person who isolates himself from many activities in social life. Therefore, aesthetic surgical interventions that can be made will increase the participation of the person in social life.

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