Aesthetic Smile Teeth Design

Aesthetic Smile Teeth Design

Aesthetic Dentistry is to plan a healthy and aesthetic smile in line with the patient’s personal wishes. The teeth are aligned in harmony with each other and the soft tissues surrounding them. The basic elements of an aesthetic smile are teeth, and therefore, having comprehensive knowledge about tooth shapes and anatomical features forms the basis of all treatments. In order to have a better idea of ​​what a well-designed smile should look like, the inner and outer edges of the facial features should be examined.

Facial features, gender, age, smile symmetry, order and colors of teeth, lips and gums are the factors that determine the expression of aesthetic smile. Considering all these factors in smile design, the form of the teeth is determined.

It is possible to look younger with aesthetic smile design. It is possible to have healthier and brighter teeth in every respect. From teeth whitening to invisible braces (orthodontics)Many innovations for aesthetic purposes are waiting for you.

Regardless of the aesthetic understanding of the person who comes to a dentist, the first duty of a good dentist is; first of all, the natural functions of the teeth of the patient who applied to him (cutting, chewing)to ensure its fulfillment.

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