You intended to correct the visual problem in your body or face that bothered you, but you were frightened by what you heard from the environment and chose to live with this problem for the rest of your life. However, you may have missed the possibility of achieving a healthy and effective solution with the developing aesthetic surgery or non-surgical aesthetic methods. Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Operator Dr. Orhan Erbaş states that “having the right information will bring the right decision” at this stage and explains the current developments in aesthetics.

What should people who are considering having plastic surgery do?

The only way to make the right decision is to have the right information. It can only be done by a doctor who is an expert on this subject, to have positive or negative information about the procedure you are considering. The Internet is of course an important source of information, but it also contains a lot of misinformation. It should be noted that every patient’s situation is different. While one method is good for many, it may not be for you. Giving up a treatment with wrong information may cause you to carry a problem that can be easily corrected for life. Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons have completed five or six years of specialization training, I recommend using their experience in the decision-making process. These procedures should be done by people who can produce solutions in case of a possible complication.

What is your biggest challenge in the practice of your job?

The execution of our work requires a great deal of effort and concentration, but that’s not the hard part. Applications made by people with inadequate equipment negatively affect the aesthetic perception of the society. In addition, exaggerating the explanation of some treatments more than they deserve creates excessive expectations. Trying to correct the wrong information also complicates our work.

What is the secret of your success in aesthetic procedures?

I think the philosophical side of the job is important, the respect and care I show for the human body is the basis of our work. The effort to achieve the natural and healthy is also important for long-term happiness. The experience of producing solutions for many patients is important for predicting the outcome of the procedure and for the success of the procedure. Following new methods and trying to do better keeps us dynamic.

The demand for aesthetics is increasing every year, what are the reasons for this?

According to the data of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the demand for aesthetic procedures in general is increasing. I think the most important reason for this is the increase in the value people place on themselves. It is also an encouraging fact that the one who looks more beautiful and healthy in business and social life is one step ahead. When all this is combined with the fact that transactions become easier, safer, more successful, and even affordable, that is, as people find solutions, the demand increases.

How are we in aesthetic procedures in Turkey?

Turkish doctors have proven themselves in the field of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery with their knowledge and skills. We fill our technology gap by closely following the developments, especially in the USA, but unfortunately by importing the devices. High level of treatment by choosing the most suitable devices and materials, the success of patient care and accommodation services, ease of transportation and low cost have enabled many patients living abroad to choose us.

What are the most common plastic surgeries you do?

I frequently perform rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, body shaping with LASER liposuction, tummy tuck, face lift, eyelid surgery, hair transplantation and fat injection.

How are men interested in aesthetics?

The number of applications is very high, especially due to the problem of breast enlargement, which we call gynecomastia. Since this situation is seen as independent of excess weight, it cannot be solved with weight loss or sports. Very effective solutions have been produced for men who used to try to hide their breasts, had bad posture, could not go to the sea or pool, and could not wear tight clothes. It should not be separated as male or female, it is very natural for men to want to look masculine, women to look feminine and both of them want to look healthy. We actually bring people closer to nature as well as beauty. It’s like when we try to make men’s breasts smaller.

You also do non-surgical aesthetics, how do you view these procedures?

I use many methods such as botox, filler, fibroblast cell culture, focused ultrasound, platelet-rich plasma, and LASER. Very successful methods when used correctly and in the right patient. However, it is necessary to know that its effects are limited in large deformities. I recommend this type of treatment more to patients in their thirties and forties. In advanced age, combining it with surgeries will increase the success even more.

How did innovations in aesthetics cause a change?

Many questions about aesthetic procedures such as “Is it very difficult, is it safe, when will I return to work?” are in the minds of those who consider these procedures. In search of solutions to these questions, scientific and technological developments that start at the cellular level and spread over a wide area such as ultrasound and LASER continue rapidly. Thanks to these developments, aesthetic procedures that are easier to apply, more effective and even safer than before are now possible. Body shaping with LASER Lipolysis, young and taut skin with fibroblast cell cultures, and reducing sagging of the face with focused ultrasound are some examples. In addition, the content of fillers has been greatly improved. In this way, more specific solutions were produced for different parts of the face and lips, and the risk of foreign body reaction was greatly reduced. More natural results began to be obtained.

What advances are there in the Surgery part of the business?

The shape, size and content alternatives of breast implants have increased so much that natural appearances are obtained in breast augmentation and lift procedures. It is combined with LASER Lipolysis in tummy tuck surgeries to provide better body contours. In rhinoplasty, techniques that prioritize breathing are used more. The compatibility of the nose with the other parts of the face is examined in more detail, and a clearer prediction is provided to the patient for the post-procedure with computer programs. We protect the nose to be a dynamic, that is, a moving organ in order not to disturb breathing. In facelift surgeries, we obtain more natural results by keeping the direction of the stretching vector upwards.

Advances in LASER Lipolysis method and classical body shaping of LASER Lipolysis What are the differences from the methods?

The new LASER lipolysis systems provide highly effective fat breakdown and skin tightness by the integration of additional wavelengths and increasing their power. LASER systems provide the stretching effect on the skin by heating the tissue. With the temperature sensors on the LASER system, we detect that we have reached a temperature that will provide tension on the skin but will not cause burns. In addition, motion sensors reduce the energy given when the surgeon slows down and protect it from burns. Lipolysis, that is, destruction of the adipose tissue with LASER, also allows for a more homogeneous and easy aspiration. Except for small areas such as the tickle, the destroyed fat is removed from the body by aspiration during the procedure. Other advantages of the system are the use of shorter corsets and less bruising than conventional fat removal procedures. Very small incisions are made. However, it should not be forgotten that this procedure is also a surgical intervention and of course there is a recovery period depending on the area to be performed.

Who is LASER Lipolysis suitable for?

An ideal system for body contour disorders. For example, it is very effective in the waist, hip, knee circumference, upper inner leg, back and abdomen. It is also used for thinning the arm, tickle and ankle. If male breast enlargement is not very advanced, a solution is possible with this system. Other methods should be used to lose weight in overweight patients or in cases of sagging caused by losing a large amount of weight.

How does focused ultrasound, called non-surgical face and neck lift, work? What is the difference between methods?

Ultrasonic sound waves are focused on the desired tissue depth and small heat damages are created in the connective tissue under the skin that increase collagen production without damaging the upper layer of the skin. In this way, the skin begins to produce new collagen by creating its own repair process, and the tightening and upward stretching effect on the skin manifests itself. Here, the most important difference from other methods that aim to shrink the tissue by heating it is to focus the ultrasound energy on the tissue called SMAS, which we aim to reduce in face lift surgeries by passing the upper layers of the skin. After the application, the regeneration process starts immediately, a slight stretching effect is seen even at the first moment. The skin starts to look better every day after the application, you feel better after a week, the effects become visible after a month, the desired result is observed at the end of three months. Skin stretching with focused ultrasound is a one-session application and is repeated within six months at the earliest and one year at the latest. As it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and causes shrinkage in the SMAS tissue, the result obtained is permanent for a long time. Having different heads that can focus the energy to the desired depth, offers a wide range of treatment alternatives for the face, neck and body, for wrinkle reduction and stretching. The person can easily continue his daily life after the procedure and does not experience any restrictions. The process takes about half an hour.

How do you see the future of Aesthetic Procedures?

I think that studies in the field of genetics will reflect on aesthetics, but this will take time. Correction of existing deformities constitutes most of our cases today, and I predict that in the future, young individuals will become more conscious of the procedures aimed at preserving the current situation.

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