The most common chin problem is the situation where the chin is back with the short chin tip. of the person
When the chin is small, underdeveloped and behind, the under-chin area appears to be narrowed, as if –
even if there is no weight problem – it looks like it has a jowl.
At the same time, when you look from the side, the nose also appears larger than the face. If rhinoplasty in these people
If it is to be done, it is a wrong approach to reduce the nose and try to fit it to the chin. nose whole
loses its naturalness and even after a while, functional problems begin at the middle roof and nose tip.
congestion develops. Bird beak deformity may occur, especially in male patients.
Even if you don’t make the nose too small and make a beautiful nose, the patient is sick when the chin tip is back and small.
She complains that her nose still looks big even though she had surgery. In such cases
What needs to be done is to eliminate the lack of volume at the tip of the chin. Simultaneous with rhinoplasty
can be done. Before surgery, how far the chin tip will be taken or volume fullness will be created.
The decision is made by the work done on the photographs taken.
The tip of the jaw, called mentum hypoplasia, is present in approximately 20% of the patients who apply to me for rhinoplasty.
small available. In our country, this rate is 33%. However, many people experience this condition before surgery.
is not aware. I will share detailed information and detailed analysis results with my patients beforehand.
I am sharing. I also perform simultaneous chin aesthetics in patients with whom I mutually agree.

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