Teeth whitening is the most widely used aesthetic dental application and is an indispensable part of smile design. Applied in one session office whiteningand a few days home bleachingThere are varieties such as of teeth whiteningYou can read our Permanent Teeth Whitening article to learn more about how it is done and which whitening method is best for you.


Porcelain Veneer Laminate, They are personalized veneers made of very thin porcelain used to change the appearance of teeth. in public porcelain laminated, leaf tooth, laminated toothAlso called. porcelain laminates A highly aesthetic and at the same time natural smile can be created with Tooth discoloration that cannot be removed by whitening, split dental treatment It can be used in cases of mild crowding and correction of deformities in the teeth. Measures are taken by etching the front of the teeth and according to this measure. porcelain laminates is produced. This custom made leaf porcelain It is adhered to the tooth with special adhesives. It should not be used if there is too much crowding in the teeth or if there is too much material loss in the teeth.


bondingappWith the development of tooth color composite materials, in aesthetic dentistry has taken its place. Tooth-colored composite resins are extremely durable materials that also perfectly match the tooth color. Widely used in aesthetic dentistry bonding applicationsin the filling of decayed teeth, in the treatment of split teeth, in repairing broken teeth, direct and indirect composite laminateused in construction.


The gap between the teeth sometimes goes beyond physiological limits, causing various problems. to these spaces diastema is named. The biggest problem caused by diastema is aesthetic problems. In the treatment of split teeth The first option should be orthodontic treatment. However, since it will take a long time to achieve the desired result with orthodontic treatment in adults, it is possible to obtain fast and aesthetic results with composite or porcelain.


In recent years, in orthodontic treatmentDeveloped as an alternative to metal brackets and wires used Invisalign It is an effective and safe method in the treatment of crowding and irregularities in the teeth. This appliance is specially produced from transparent plates.


Used as an alternative to metal-supported porcelain veneers in dentistry. zirconium teeth Coatings are the type of coating that is frequently preferred especially in the front area due to their aesthetic appearance. If you want to learn more about zirconium teeth, you can read our article titled Zirconium Teeth Whitening.

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