How satisfied are you with your smile?

Most of us are not satisfied with our smile. Either the color or the shape of our teeth or their arrangement. This is aesthetic dentistry, a branch of dentistry that solves our problems. In other words, it is cosmetic dentistry.

Who Needs Aesthetic Dentistry?

Anyone with aesthetic defects in their teeth can be treated with aesthetic dentistry (cosmetic dentistry), from minor changes to major problems. With cosmetic dentistry, you can provide a healthy and beautiful smile and support your self-confidence.

Aesthetic Dentistry Practices

1. Teeth Whitening

2.Laminate Veneer(Leaf Porcelain)


4.Zirconium or e-max veneers

Which Cosmetic Applications Are Right For You?

Appropriate treatment for your oral and dental health is created as a result of the analyzes to be applied by the specialist physician, taking into account your wishes.

The Basics of Whitening

Since the beginning of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening has been the most popular treatment all over the world. White, shining, pearly teeth provide personal hygiene and increase self-confidence. There are various types of whitening. We know that because it doesn’t last forever, it requires regular checkups over a long period of time. Some of the alternative whitening treatments for you are:

-Office Type Cosmetic Whitening

Bleaching performed in the clinic gives you noticeably whiter teeth in a short time. It is made by applying a high concentration of peroxide gel to the teeth. It is very important to protect the gums. It is a procedure that lasts from 20 minutes to 1 hour after the necessary preparations are completed. If there are stubborn stains, a few more sessions can be applied. Alternatively, it can be supported with home-applied kits.

-Professional Home Cosmetic Application

It is a highly effective, professional whitening that is safely applied by dentists all over the world. In this method, the person applies a lower concentration of peroxide gel with special plaques prepared by the dentist. With this system, white teeth are achieved.

Bonding Or Composite Veneers

bonding; It is an application that treats cracks, fractures and curvatures in the teeth in an absolutely painless way. Patients have completely different, natural, bright, white smiles in the same day. Requires more frequent maintenance than other applications.

Emax or Zirconium Crowns

If caries, fractures, trauma, old fillings in the teeth require crown application and an aesthetic application is desired, then e-max porcelain or zirconium porcelain is applied. These allow you to restore the aesthetics and strength of your teeth. And protect your teeth against future decay and breakage.

What is Porcelain Laminate?

It is an aesthetic application made of porcelain that wraps the front surface of the laminated tooth in the form of a thin leaf.

-It looks natural and has an ideal color and shape.(optional)

-It is long lasting.

-It is durable.

-Does not stain.

When our patients decide to have porcelain laminate, they can easily use it for many years if they follow the recommended care.

Lumineer porcelain;It is an application that is made directly on the teeth without any abrasion. The only disadvantage is that it creates a thickness on the surface of the tooth that separates it from the laminate.

IPS Emax

Its design is an innovative Lithium Disilicate glass ceramic. It contains very strong zirconium oxide material, especially in single tooth restorations and multi-member bridges. Color matching is perfect and provides high aesthetics. The difference from zirconium is that it has higher aesthetics.

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