Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry:Laminate Veneers, Porcelain veneers, smile aesthetics, bonding, dental aesthetics, inlay-onlay fillings, porcelain crowns or bridges, zirconium porcelain crowns or bridges, empress porcelain crowns or bridges are named under this group.

Laminate Veneers: It is a kind of partial crown prosthesis made of aesthetic materials with the aim of restoring the outer surfaces of the teeth that can only be seen outside the mouth. Usually, an abrasion of 0.5 mm to be made on the tooth will be sufficient. In this way, with the minimum loss of material on the front surface of the tooth, both a superior aesthetics will be provided and the natural structure of the other surfaces of the tooth and the tooth-gingival relationship will be preserved. Although it is also produced from tooth-colored materials such as composite or acrylic, it is nowadays used because of its aesthetic and biological properties. ceramic laminate veneersuntil zirconium porcelain crowns(Empress porcelain crown) is preferred.

The general purpose in dental aesthetics is the whole of the treatment plans in which the relationship of the teeth with the lip and gingiva is analyzed and to achieve an aesthetic smile.

In Which Situations Is Aesthetic Dentistry Necessary?

If there is crookedness or irregularity in our teeth,

If there is a closing disorder,

If there is a diastema (opening between the front teeth) in our front teeth and this gap negatively affects the patient’s speech,

If we are not happy with the color of the teeth,

If there is asymmetry in the front teeth in terms of form, size and even width,

If we do not like the appearance of the previous operations (Crown, Bridge or Filling) or if we think that they are unnatural,

If you have to cover your mouth in your photos,

If you feel the need to cover your mouth while laughing in public.

When you think that the situation or situations listed above apply to you Aesthetic DentistryIt’s time to visit a doctor who gives

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