Aesthetic Dentistry

Color and deformities in the teeth can cause problems up to psychological disorders in the individual. With the development of aesthetic and restorative materials in dentistry, many shape, color and position disorders can be easily resolved. Aesthetic dentistry assumes a very important function here.

smile design

Smile design is to renew your ideal smile by applying medicine and art together. It is to plan a healthy smile by combining some of your personal wishes with health and naturalness.
Lip Structure
The color and shape of your teeth
Facial structure affects smile design.

An aesthetic and beautiful smile is possible not only with white, straight teeth, but also with gums compatible with these teeth. Aesthetic gingival applications are called “pink aesthetics”.
Healthy gingiva is light pink in color, firmly adhered to the tooth and bone, and has a shiny but rough appearance similar to an orange peel. The most common aesthetic problem in the gingival area is excessively visible or asymmetrical gingival levels and color changes in the gingiva.
Now you can get the smile you want with Pink aesthetic applications.

Teeth whitening

It is our smile that makes us feel noticed and makes us happy. What makes our smile effective is our teeth. With yellowed teeth, we don’t even want to talk, let alone laugh.
Although we pay the utmost attention to our teeth, the color may still not be as white as desired. Generally, previously used tetracycline group antibiotics, root canal treatment, too much caffeine and cigarette consumption cause yellowing of the teeth. No matter how much we brush yellowed teeth, it is difficult to achieve the whiteness we want. At this point, the support of a specialist physician is needed.

Clinical Teeth Whitening (Office Bleaching)

Clinical teeth whitening, as the name suggests, is a whitening process applied directly by the dentist in the clinic. In Office Bleaching, which is applied to your teeth by using blue light and whitening gel under the control of a dentist, the teeth can be opened a few shades at the end of the procedure and can maintain their effectiveness for a long time.

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