Advice to pregnant women in the new normal period

A healthy diet during pregnancy is very important for both the health of the expectant mother and the growth and development of the baby growing in the mother’s womb. For this reason, pregnant women should not lose control while fully meeting their nutritional needs, they should pay attention to physical activity and social distance rules.

Excessive Energy Intake should be avoided

“Achieving ideal weight gain during pregnancy is very important for the health of both the baby and the mother. For this reason, it is aimed that the nutrition plan applied during pregnancy is healthy and balanced, and at the same time, it provides the body with energy as much as the energy needed by the expectant mother. While the amount of energy taken into the body with the nutrients is below the requirement, it may prevent the pregnancy from progressing in a healthy way, while it may cause retardation in the growth and development of the baby. Just like this situation, excessive calorie intake during pregnancy is very harmful for the mother and the baby. Therefore, during the whole pregnancy period, expectant mothers should avoid excessive food consumption and stay away from ready-made foods and unhealthy foods as much as possible. Physical activity is also very important for the healthy continuation of the pregnancy period, the controlled progression of weight gain and the preparation of the body for birth. Expectant mothers can protect their health by applying simple exercises at home that do not force the body too much, which are recommended by their physicians during the holiday period.

Be Careful About Desserts and Pastries

Sweets are one of the most basic sources of simple sugar, which has significant harm to the body. “Desserts, which are quite high in fat and simple sugar, can be defined as an empty energy source for your body. One of the most effective ways for expectant mothers to be moderate in their sweet consumption is to be aware of their energy and nutritional content. 2 slices of baklava contain approximately 500 kilocalories, 1 tulumba dessert contains approximately 127 kilocalories, and 1 small slice of kadayif dessert contains approximately 245 kilocalories of energy. In addition to these, when cream is served, it can be considered that oil is consumed as much as the amount of cream consumed. Since the probability of developing diabetes during pregnancy increases significantly in pregnant women with a family history of diabetes, there is a risk of gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes) in other pregnant women, and simple sugar is unhealthy for the mother and the baby, the consumption of sweets should definitely be limited. Pastries such as pastries, cakes and cookies should be avoided as much as possible because they contain high levels of simple sugar and fat.

Protein Requirements Must Be Fully Met

One of the most important issues in pregnant women is the need for protein. “Because the needs of the baby growing in the mother’s womb are met by the mother, there is a significant increase in the protein requirement during pregnancy. If this requirement is not met, one of the most common symptoms is edema, which occurs in the form of swelling in the feet, legs and certain parts of the body. Meeting the protein requirement is also important for the baby’s healthy growth and development. Since the consumption of foods such as sweets and pastries with a high carbohydrate content and a very limited protein content, and soft drinks containing simple sugars, deficiencies can be seen in meeting the protein need. In order to prevent this, a healthy and balanced nutrition program should be applied as it should be normally. Mothers who want to consume sweets can turn to milk desserts, which are healthier and more nutritious alternatives. In addition, the consumption of foods such as milk, yoghurt and ayran can be emphasized. All consumed foods should be distributed to three main meals and three snacks, and care should be taken to eat little and often in order to balance blood sugar and prevent problems such as heartburn and indigestion.

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