Advice to Help Love Last

In a relationship, there are always feelings and thoughts that both parties feel differently from each other. Our minds often make suggestions to us to produce solutions to these processes with emotional and logical messages. But the relationship is more than all these messages. The continuity of attraction between the two parties, closeness and loyalty are concepts that we can consider as if they are not always in a relationship. If we consider the fact that all these are happening in harmony as love, the short road maps that will be applied by both sides for the existence and continuation of love will always contribute to the relationship. I wanted to share with you some suggestions that can help the love last;

  1. First, improve your ability to listen to your partner’s speech First of all, don’t think about responding.

  2. Explain clearly what you expect and what you want to do without living without asking your spouse for anything.

  3. Put the good for the couple and your partner ahead of your own interests and show them Compassion.

  4. When you feel mistreated, give him some thought.

  5. Talk candidly with him often about matters other than your personal unhappiness.

  6. Try to laugh at your personal ambitions and know that many people don’t achieve their goals either.

  7. Value your sexual behavior highly, even if there are inevitable disappointments. Remember that sexuality has a special place in a couple relationship.

  8. Let your partner know that you give place to his sexual desires, this will improve your love.

  9. Love your body and its pleasures, don’t take the imperfections of your body so seriously.

  10. Honesty, honesty and respect breed love, love breeds good sex, and good sex breeds love. This is a cycle that feeds off each other.

  11. Own your feelings and show them to your partner. But that is not the most important thing in any interpersonal relationship.

  12. Do not give up on your love immediately if your spouse cannot fully meet what you expect from a lover relationship at that time.

  13. Make it clear to your partner that you give room for love and sex. However, the moment you are satisfied with sex, you may not be satisfied with love. Feel free to say this to your partner.


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