Advice to Families in Choosing a Profession

  1. While helping the child in choosing a profession, the parent should help him set the right target by providing answers to some questions. What is your purpose in choosing a career? How do you want to be remembered in the future? The child takes correct answers and correct decisions with the help of his parents. If you determine your route in your life journey, you will reach your goal. “Do you have a goal?” It is just one of the questions that can raise awareness. (from my book, p. 138 A Tip for Every Day in Child Education-HAYY Book)

  2. We should not expect too much about our children. We should motivate him to do his best and choose the right profession, but we should not apply pressure. We must believe that the child will do his best. (from my book p. 139 A Advice for Every Day in Child Education-HAYY Book)

  3. The parent believes that the basis of success and happiness is to set goals; he should know that aimlessness will bring laziness first, and then failure and unhappiness. The most important reason pushing young people to aimlessness; is to force him to choose a profession that does not suit his interests and abilities.

  4. Parents should encourage the young person.

  5. It is important to consider how the child feels.

  6. Children should be given the right to choose from a young age. The child discovers himself by using his right to choose, and the child who grows up in this way will be able to choose the right profession.

  7. It’s not just about choosing a career. In this way, the child’s personality is strengthened. The child who chooses his profession correctly; From choosing the right life to choosing the right career, to choosing the right spouse, you will have a plus in many points.

  8. Young people’s decisions should not be interfered with too much. A young person whose decisions are constantly interfered with will have trouble making decisions for life and will not be able to take responsibility for the choices they make.

  9. A child who studies a profession he does not want cannot be successful either academically or professionally, even if he wants to.

  10. Parents should not try to live their dreams that they cannot realize through the child. The child will not live this life for you.

  11. The young person should write the section he wants to practice.

  12. Before the selection process, the child should be brought together with the people who perform the profession he/she thinks to choose.

  13. The school that the child intends to choose should be shown to the child before the choice.

  14. Your score will be wasted, if you write it down, it is very dangerous to say. The life of the young person who chooses a profession that he does not like so that his score will not be wasted

  15. Choosing a profession is not a decision to be left to the last minute and made hastily. At this point, the family should guide the child well.
    Parents should prevent the student who cannot get enough points for the department he/she wants to study, to enroll in the department where my score is sufficient and not to be left out.

  16. Your child should have limits in his life.

  17. Comparisons should be avoided when talking to the child about the choice of profession.

  18. The child needs to hear motivational phrases from you.

  19. To avoid conflict with the child in this period, to communicate well with him, to know his limits well, to focus on his strengths, to share concerns mutually; It helps parents and children understand each other better. It should support the child’s career planning and career choice by considering the personality characteristics of the child. This approach will comfort both the child and the family during the exam preference process.

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