Advice for families whose children will take the exam

First of all, you should remember that your child is in adolescence. It should be taken into account that he went through a more turbulent and dilemma process than usual due to the exam, and that he might be nervous and anxious.

We recommend that you get your own concerns under control first. It is not possible to expect your child to be comfortable if you are too busy with the exam result and seem worried all the time.

Phrases that contain imperative such as “You must be successful, you have to win” or threats such as “If your exam result is not good, forget about having fun on vacation” can increase your child’s anxiety and negatively affect exam performance.

Do not forget that your child has made an effort in line with his academic ability throughout the term; Expecting more performance than you can show will again cause stress to increase. Keep your expectations realistic and praise him for reviewing and working together on what he’s done so far.

Sacrifices made throughout the year, such as not inviting guests to the house, not turning on the TV at home, or sending them to paid courses, may cause your child to think that “I should not let my family’s sacrifices go to waste”. Reminding you again and again of these sacrifices you have made will reduce your motivation for fear of disappointing you.

Finally, we are sure that regardless of the exam result, you will always love your child unconditionally and make sacrifices when necessary. How about reminding him of these before the exam?

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