Advice for Exam Takers: Advice to Parents

The process of supporting young people who will take the exam is a very difficult way.
Both the fact that the student is in the adolescence period and that this process is
It is a stressful experience for the student who will take the exam.
show restless, anxious, or aggressive behavior at times
can cause. As parents, in this process
it is important to normalize the environment as much as possible.
Here are some suggestions for parents of prospective students:
1-Get through this process together. This exam and the university he won
an important factor in shaping his life. both material
Support your child both morally and spiritually. conditions for him.
try to make it more convenient. For example, a home suitable for work
to provide education or to study in the classroom when he cannot reach
like leaving a car. In this process, parents who are separated are more
should get together often, take responsibility for their children together
they should undertake.
2-Do not load extra stress. Your own troubles and problems,
take the stress of your job or problems with your spouse to the exam as much as possible.
Try not to reflect it on the student who will enter. Already in a stressful time
more stress focusing problems for college candidates with
and cause him to direct his anger towards you.
3-Do not compare with your own youth. what in our time
Conversations such as private tutoring and private tutoring only
will make him feel unsuccessful and worthless, as you might think.
lead him to better use the opportunities you give him.
will not open.
4-Do not compare with others. Comparison with other students
Doing so can lead to a lack of self-confidence.
5-Negatively describe the opportunities you provide later.
do not remind. In case of failure, we did ……… for you, again
Talks like you’ve failed too are just that you’ve already failed

More on the point where your child, who feels sorry for you, expects the most support.
it makes you feel demoralized.
6- To realize your own ideals through your child.
don’t try. You may have wanted to be an engineer, but you
forcing it to do so only into a profession that he is not happy with.
It means to direct. Being unhappy with one’s job is also one’s life.
is a factor that greatly reduces its quality.
7- Give the message that we are with you no matter what. When you get high on the exam
a negative attitude when he reacts positively and gets a low
do not display. Always try to be consistent. Whatever happens
show your love.
8- Support your child to take responsibility. Somethings
If he wants to handle it himself, create space for him to do it.
If the course wants to renew its registration, allow it.
If he wants to buy his own books, allow it.
9- When you get a bad grade in the exams at school, you can take responsibility for it.
teach to take The teacher gave a miscarriage or asked that he did not tell in the exam
Perceiving the real problem instead of taking refuge in excuses like
support it to change. This is a realistic analysis.
a skill that will enable them to learn and use in the future
will profit.
10- On the day just before the exam, your child may be more than normal.
Don’t act differently. Going to a different place, different than usual
Eating meals can create different reactions in the body. Very soft
Exaggerating this situation can create pressure or make the exam very difficult.
the perception that something bad is happening and that you are behaving well because of it
can create.
11- Do not use sentences that will create pressure. ;We trust you, all
you do etc. Words can cause anxiety. Many young people dream of their families.
afraid of disappointing. Instead, your best
It may be more accurate to say do well, we are always with you.
12- Do not panic before the exam. Remember, panic is contagious.
If you are as calm as possible, the room will take an example from you.
will calm down.
I wish success to all students.

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