Advice for Exam Takers-1: Advice for Youngsters

As the big test day approaches, stress levels for both young people and their families
increasing. This situation sometimes becomes an obstacle to the success of the exam. A lot
excessive stress both negatively affects the student and creates a panic atmosphere in the family.
I would like to share with you some tips that may be useful as the exams approach. this is the first
The article primarily includes recommendations for young people who will take the exam. Second
In my article, suggestions for families will be published.

Advice to Young People Who Will Take the Exam

1- Study as systematically as possible until the exam time. In the last week before the exam
Slow down the tempo a little. Rest your brain as much as possible a few days before. Just
Review the points that are on your mind.

2- Do not fall into the trap of knowing nothing. Most teenagers before the exam Nothing
I don’t know. We have a chance to repeat all the topics in the last day.
Since there will be no
remind me.

3- Do not perceive stress negatively. Yes, a large amount of stress really negatively affects the person.
However, a certain amount of stress is a factor that positively affects success. After all, an exam
You are entering, it is quite normal to be a little stressed. It’s like I shouldn’t be stressed at all.
The expectation is unrealistic.

4- Give yourself the opportunity to rest. Don’t just get stuck on the exam, from time to time (too much
Make time for things you enjoy (but not excessively). This is your head
It makes it easier for new information to enter your mind. Remember, work hard
Quality and conscious work brings success.

5- If you can’t sleep at night, don’t panic. Don’t forget that you will take the exam with you that night.
Many young people who will enter will experience the same stress and will not be able to sleep. for him almost
everyone will have similar levels of insomnia as you. Also for a young person
Daily sleep deprivation does not cause significant performance loss.

6- Do not give more meaning to the exam than usual. University entrance exam, of course, for your life
It’s an important test, but overemphasizing the test will lower the stress of the test taker.
will raise.

7- Keep your expectations neither high nor low. Some students normally leave the classroom process.
Some students aim to win departments with higher scores than they get.
they underestimate their achievements.
Having realistic expectations protects one from disappointment and feelings of inadequacy.

8- Do not judge your value based on the university or department you have earned. Let’s not forget that every
University has its pros and cons. In addition, after university education in our country,
There are many education and graduate options available. Self
There is no end to development.

9- Make sure to visit the university you want. See their physical conditions, social activities if any
search. Try to communicate with those who work and study in the department. have prior knowledge
It will help you shape your ideas more firmly.

10- Make an affirmation. The day before you take the exam, you can visualize the exam day before you go to bed at night.
Revitalize positively and sleep that way. Disaster scenarios completely out of your head
zoom out.

11- Do not get stuck on a single question during the exam. There may be a question that you do not know, that you cannot do.
But remember that this is just one question. Don’t get discouraged and find that you can solve it more easily.
move to an area. You can return later.

I wish success and good luck to all young people who will take the exam.

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