Adult Therapy (CBT-Schema)

People may have psychological problems due to various reasons. There are methods developed to solve these problems. Schema therapy is a method frequently used in this context. It is thought that the psychological problems that people experience in adulthood are actually a reflection of childhood and adolescence.

Steps are taken to eliminate these negative effects through schema therapy. The method is very effective for people to make peace with themselves first and then with their environment. According to this method, every person has 5 emotional needs that they basically need. These 5 basic emotions are stated as follows;

  • Secure connection

  • Ability to express feelings and needs accurately and without hesitation

  • Autonomy

  • spontaneity

  • realistic borders

5 Why Is Emotional Need Important?

It is very important to meet the emotional needs expressed under 5 main headings in the early period. If a person cannot meet these needs properly in childhood, he has to deal with many problems in adulthood. For example, the person may not have received love and felt safe enough during childhood.

Children who cannot establish sufficient contact with their parents always experience difficulties at these points in the later stages of their lives. Therefore, the schema created in therapy progresses in a negative course. The aim of therapy is to turn the course of this existing negative schema into a positive one.

People are given guidance on how they can meet their emotional needs that have not been met by their parents. Of course, for this, many points should be mastered, from the main reasons underlying the problems to the perspective of the person.

What Problems Is Schema Therapy Used To Solve?

This method, which is applied to adults, is very effective even in difficult to change and deep-rooted psychological problems. This effect he has shown comes from approaching problems with a comprehensive perspective. It is tried to understand why the person behaves in this way, rather than the reactions he gives. Psychological problems treated with this method can be listed as follows;

  • borderline personality disorder

  • narcissistic personality disorder

  • chronic depression

  • Eating disorders

  • problems between couples

  • childhood traumas

  • Use of prohibited substances

  • social phobia

  • Various anxiety disorders

How is Schema Therapy Applied?

People encounter many stimuli emotionally from the moment they are born. These stimuli form the basis for people’s negative or positive schemas. Due to negative experiences, people may experience psychological destruction.

The problems that occur in the person as a result of the traumas are the result of the schema. Mostly, one cannot get out of this situation by his own means. This is where extension support comes into play. The expert takes into account how the emotional schema of the person is formed and the result. It is tried to understand what kind of emotional process the person goes through until he reaches the problem he is experiencing.

In this, it is extremely important how people attribute meanings to events, people and experiences. Since each individual’s experiences and perspectives are different, the schema they create is also different. Therefore, the path to be followed by the specialist for treatment differs from person to person. But in general, the expert’s goal is to change the way a person evaluates events.

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