Adult Orthodontics

How long will the treatment take ?

Simple adjustments take less than 12 months, while more complex problems take longer. Short-term changes are also limited. At the end of the treatment, after the brackets are removed, the use of retainers (stabilization devices/clear plate etc.)

Will it be painful?

After the braces are applied, you will have mild pain in the form of sensitivity in your teeth for about 3-5 days. If necessary, with the guidance of the orthodontist, simple painkillers will help you relieve your pain. If the brackets are bothering you by rubbing on your lips and cheeks, you can use orthodontic wax to relax the oral tissues during the initial phase. The orthodontist will give the necessary advice in this regard. Intraoral protectors at night will help protect the tongue in individuals using lingual brackets.

How often will I need to come to appointments?

After the braces are applied, you should come to your control appointments at regular intervals in line with the requirements of the orthodontic treatment planned for you. These periods vary from individual to individual in the range of 2-6 weeks.

Will there be any additional application when the treatment is over?

At the end of the treatment, you have to wear retention appliances called “Retainers” that prevent your teeth from returning to their original positions after the brackets are removed. These appliances can sometimes be inserted and removed in the form of transparent plaques, and sometimes there can be a fixed thin wire application on the back surface of the anterior teeth. Your orthodontist will recommend the most suitable retanir for you.

You must use these retainers for the periods recommended to you. Retainers will prevent the teeth from returning to their original position after orthodontic treatment. Minimal dental changes expected with aging are considered normal regardless of orthodontic treatment.

In order for your teeth to stay straight for life, you have to wear a retainer for a certain part of your life.


  • Orthodontic brackets can be applied at any age.

  • Teeth and gums must be healthy before orthodontic treatment. You have to protect the health of these structures during the treatment process.

  • Some complicated problems in adults may not be solved with bracket application alone.

  • Depending on the limitations of the treatment, many types of brackets can be applied (Metal, Ceramic, Gold, Sapphire, Lingual).image?w=289&h=79&rev=1&ac=1&parent=1iKmtbL1e74w19GH8lQnlbiPtUjpiznw3

If you are considering orthodontic treatment as an adult, you will need to ask your orthodontist a few questions.

Although the types of treatment vary age;not a limiting factor for orthodontic treatment

Tooth gaps that are congenital or due to extraction can be closed by means of brackets or the toothless space can be arranged for implant or bridge prosthesis applications.

Can bracket visibility be reduced?

Ceramic or sapphire bracket applications are possible, which are less visible than metal-colored brackets. In some cases, with brackets attached to the tongue-facing surfaces of the teeth. (Lingual orthodontics)bracket appearance can be minimized.

Almost invisible without applying brackets Clear Aligner (clear plate orthodontics)applications are possible.

Is it possible to always apply braces in adults?

Yes, but in cases involving certain jaw problems in adults, orthodontic treatments with brackets alone are not sufficient and require additional jaw surgery procedures.

In addition, existing caries and gingival disorders before orthodontic treatment are important.

Do you need tooth extraction?

If there is not enough space for the teeth to line up, orthodontic tooth extractions are considered as routine procedures in orthodontic treatment applications. The remaining spaces from the extracted tooth are used to sort the teeth and take them to their proper positions. Only you and your dentist will know that you had a tooth extracted after the treatment.

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