Adenoid (Adenoid Vegetation)

When should adenoid vegetation (adenoid vegetation) be operated and removed? (Adenoidectomy procedure)

In fact, adenoid, which is present in every child, but causes problems in some, should be surgically removed in this patient group.

Requirements for adenoids removal are as follows:
1. Long-term, obstructive adenoid enlargement: presence of snoring, difficulty in breathing at night and even pauses in breathing (apnea),
2. In children with nasal congestion and mouth breathing,
3. In children with swallowing and speech problems,
4. Presence of adenoid causing tooth, jaw and palate development disorder,
5. Adenoids should be removed from children with developmental and growth retardation.
6. Recurrent adenoid infections,
7. Recurrent middle ear infections (recurrent acute otitis media) and fluid accumulation in the middle ear (chronic serous otitis media)
8. Recurrent pediatric sinusitis, 9. In recurrent lower respiratory tract infections (if the focus is adenoid), the adenoid of the patient is surgically removed. Pathological examination is also recommended.

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