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I know people who are happy with the little details. Away from the commotion. Knowing what it means to love, to be loved; simple people, simple lives.

What was it to be happy?

Was he also happy living the flamboyant life that others wanted? Or was it the shadow of envy and the wind it blows that made the happy role play…

I know lives lived for show, people devoted to it. Not because he likes to read, for example, because that book has too many advertisements, he buys it and leaves the pages that are not opened once, on a shelf of the bookshelf. However, what dreams did the author dream while writing those lines? Isn’t it like that in life? We are all writers of our own lives and the one whose cover is more flamboyant is always preferred more. The main thing was to be read and understood, but few of us are aware of this. What was the benefit of that happiness that you did not feel its existence, that you are afraid of what it will take away?

Have you ever thought that for everything that you do not settle for and want more, it is more than you deserve or deserve? Think about it for once, question yourself, your life, your mistakes, your loved ones, your dislikes, your losses, your gains, what you did and everything you will do from now on. Do not leave yourself in the void, you must have a container, but you determine the boundaries of that container. Don’t need people to love you and never feel sorry for being unloved. Draw your own lines and do not include anyone who is not good for you within these boundaries.

There will be those who criticize you, those who want to take you down. Not only is it not enough that they find their value judgments absurd, but also those who remind you every day that you will fail, like a cuckoo clock. Some of the well-known inventors and scientists we all admire today, such as Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, despite failing many times, never gave up and described every failure as an experience. Can you imagine that if these people, who were ridiculed by environmental pressure, the difficulties brought by the period, and their peers, had given up, perhaps we would have been deprived of these vital inventions today. Think of Edison, who didn’t give up even though he failed 1999 times when your foot got stuck on a stone.

Embrace your life and push your limits. Prefer tried regret over untried happiness. Renew yourself constantly, research, learn, succeed, sometimes fall and get up again, don’t give up, strive, live and experience,


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