“addiction” importance of communication and information

individual experiences,

bad experienceshabits, desires, urges…

good experienceshabits, desires, impulses…

I’m talking about the things that make us who we are, including the mistakes and even the regrets that come after.

The effect, power and trace of each experience varies according to the person.

In terms of addiction,

“Yes, it was a bad experience for me. I have to learn a lesson and move on.” It is an experience that may have been too late when the sentence was formed. My purpose in saying it may be too late is that the addiction has developed and embodied in the person.

Addiction is a brain disease with treatment.

Adults can discern what they will experience. They can recognize their advantages and disadvantages. Maybe they even dare. But the same may not be true for our children and young people. They are cognitively developing beings.

They may not be able to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of what they are attempting to experience. It’s up to the adults here. Parents want to protect the individual they gave birth to in the most correct way. Although the purpose is to protect, the person may not always get the right approach. At that point, the person benefits from his own childhood years and experiences.

We’re human, it happens. It will.

I don’t think it would be wrong for us to treat parenting as a talent.


The criteria for development are personal criticism and desire.

The best question that can help to understand them is;

How would communication with me be effective and permanent? “

Communication may not be the only thing that can eliminate bad habits in a child. They take role models, that is, they take adults as an example, and interrupting a behavior they see can go through a change in behavior, not communication.

I do not regret that I wish I could write pages in my columns. But we have come to the end of the corner reserved for me this week. I will end this week’s article by giving you information about two important issues.

Factors Affecting Addiction;

* Predisposition to addiction through family sampling or genetic transmission

*Friendly environment (school etc.)

* Information encouraging addiction on the Internet (videos talking about pleasure and pleasure, etc.)

Observations of bad habits;

*Physical evidence of substance use

* Feeling angry suddenly and returning to normal after a short time

* Weakening and indifference to processes such as school and lessons

* Lack of belongings from the house, acquiring the habit of lying

* Frequent changes in the friend environment

* Decreased self-care

*Experiencing attention deficit and concentration problems

* Under-eye bruises, bloodshot eyes, rapid weight loss

* Disruptions in habits such as sleeping, eating and drinking

The wrong approach can trigger bad habits more.

In order to increase your knowledge about addiction, I will share with you two books that I recommend. Knowing and being conscious can save many children, not just your own.

Book Recommendation

-Guidebook for Dependent Families – Kültigin Ögel

-Drugs and Youth in 99 Pages – Kültigin Ögel

Let’s not forget that

Knowledge is a treasure that grows when shared.


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