Add another chair to your table

Imagine that a tinsel chair is added to your dinner table, where you and your spouse sit quietly alone for months, maybe years, and your family grows. What a beautiful sight isn’t it? Even if we have a full stomach, it must be because I grew up with a father who wanted to see us in front of him at the dinner table every night. When Yusuf Emin was born, my biggest dream was to start accompanying us at the table as soon as possible. But Yusuf Emin did not give much positive support to my dreams.

When it entered its ninth month, we prepared its place on our table. However, he is such an active baby that sitting for five minutes was almost cruel to him. We tried everything for several months. I didn’t really care if it spilled and messed around, as long as I wanted him to get used to sitting with us, but unfortunately he won. The highchair, which we bought with great enthusiasm, is now dusty in a corner. He himself comes to us while we are eating, takes a bite in his mouth, and hops to a new misfortune.

Develops family table personality

While my baby’s accompanying us at the dinner table was only a sign of peace for me, I learned that the situation was not that simple. Child Family Counselor “Burçin Demirkan Baytar” draws attention to the importance of the baby’s transition to the family table:

The baby easily learns to eat his own food at the family table.

Every new acquisition of self-care skills in infancy and early childhood is a new step for the baby’s self-confidence to increase.

The child, who is given the opportunity and supported to eat his own food at the family table, actually has an opportunity to develop his own personality.

Baby learns to choose. In the future, he also learns not to eat everything that is put in front of him. He also experiences awareness of how much to eat and what to eat.

Do not force-feed your baby!

Many mothers see their baby as part of their own limb. For this reason, most of the time, it is not the baby but the mother’s mind that is hungry. Because he can insist enough on his baby, he feeds him first instead of sitting him at the dinner table. However, with unnecessary persistence, it invades the soul of the baby/child and harms it. A baby who goes hungry for a day does not get sick. Eat when really hungry. But a baby who is frequently infested may turn into an anxious and angry adult who can’t say no.”

Turn off the TV

He draws attention to the fact that children who are fed in front of the television do not realize what they are eating, and therefore may have weight problems in the future, and gives advice to mothers about infant feeding:
Parents must be consistent for at least 21 days in order to introduce habits such as eating and sleeping to the child. Looking at storybooks made of hard cardboard while eating may also work for some babies.

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