Acupuncture Application Areas

The WHO (World Health Organization = World Health Organization), which was first collected in the Philippines in 1978, published a list of diseases that can be treated with acupuncture. The following is the list of indications that were later expanded and accepted at the WHO Assembly in Cervia, Italy, in 1994, in which I also participated as an observer from Turkey.

Diseases for which acupuncture effectiveness has been proven by Scientific Control group studies:

– Back and waist pain
– Neck pain
— Sciatica
— Tennis elbow
— Knee pain (Gonarthrosis = calcification of the knee)
— Periarthritis of the shoulder
— Facial (trigeminal neuralgia) pain
— Headaches. (Headaches due to migraine, sinusitis, tension and neck calcification)
— Dental (tooth) pain
— Temporo-mandibular dysfunction (jaw joint discomfort)
— Rheumatoid arthritis
— Post-operative pain
— Induction of labor (Initiation)
— Correction of the baby’s position in the womb (malposition)
— Pregnancy nausea and vomiting
— Paralysis (within the first 3–6 months)
— essential hypertension
— Renal colic (kidney stone pain)
— Leukopenia (in case of decreased leukocytes)
— Treatment of radiation and chemotherapy side effects
— Allergic rhinitis (Allergic rhinitis)
— Biliary colic (gallbladder pain)
— depression
— acute bacillary dysentery
— Primary dysmenorhea (Painful period, menstruation)
— acute epigastralgia
— Peptic ulcer (stomach and duodenal ulcer)
— Acute and chronic gastritis
— Abdominal pain
— Acne vulgaris
— Alcohol addiction and detoxification (purification)
— Peripheral facial paralysis
— Bronchial asthma
— Cancer pain
— Cardiac (heart) neurosis (in psychological pain)
— Cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder)
— Cholelithiasis (Gallbladder stone)
— Stress
— Diabetes Mellitus(Insulin independent=Type 2)
– Ear pain (uncaused)
— Epistaxis (Nosebleeds)
— Female infertility (without organic findings)
— Facial spasm
— Fibromyalgia and tendinitis (disorder of muscles and tendons)
— gouty arthritis
— insomnia
— Reducing labor pain
— Lack of milk
— Male sexual disorder (non-organic)
— Meniere
— Post herpetic end pains (shingles end pains)
— Obesity(Simple)
— Morphine, cocaine and heroin addiction
— Osteoarthritis (bone calcifications)
— Burger(Thrombo-angiitis obliterans)
— Polycystic ovary syndrome
– Premenstrual tension syndrome
– Chronic prostatitis
– Unexplained itching
— Reynaud’s syndrome
— Recurrent lower urinary tract infections
— Urinary retention
— Sjogren’s syndrome
— Sore throat (related to tonsillitis)
— Sudden spasm (retention) of neck muscles
— Nicotine addiction
— Ulcerative colitis (Spastic colon)
— Urinary tract stone
— whooping cough

This list is updated annually by the World Health Organization WHO to include new diseases.

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