Acupuncture and weight loss

Collective answer to all questions; the excess of the person is determined according to the body mass index. The criterion of scientific weight loss is a level application to lose 3-5 kilos per month. The healthiest way is to lose half a kilo a week. Losing weight too fast is not a good practice. because metabolism is damaged. Shock diets or one-sided nutrition diets (eg protein diet or carbohydrate diet etc.) are not correct practices. Diets under 1200 calories are unscientific. Acupuncture alone does not make weight loss. Acupuncture does not melt anyone’s fat. Never lead a sedentary life, eat junk food, take whatever you can and let acupuncture weaken me. No such convenience. Weight loss is patience, sacrifice and a way of life. Acupuncture + exercise + diet creates a framework. If one foot of the roof is missing, the job will not work. Acupuncture is a supportive therapy. If the person diets on his own, he has complaints such as stomach scraping, palpitations, stress, distress, hypotension. If she had been with acupuncture, she wouldn’t have such complaints.

Acupuncture controls the patient’s appetite and activates the metabolism. If there is a gastrointestinal problem (constipation, bloating), it resolves. relieves the patient from stress. Stomach scraping, palpitations etc. It relieves blood pressure, prevents blood pressure from falling, and therefore helps the patient to lose weight with a comfortable diet and exercise. A weight loss method that is applied more than 3-5 kilograms per month is definitely not scientific, it is the work of a charlatan. It is a commercial application and harms the metabolism. It is definitely not a correct method. Shock diets and diets with 1200 calories are not correct. Melting a kilo of fat consumes 9000 kcal. The purpose of weight loss should be to melt the fat. It is not correct to weaken the muscles by loss of liquid electrolytes or by melting the muscles. Every application should be scientific. Acupuncture is mostly blamed for reabsorption. There is absolutely no such thing. Whatever method the person weakens, as long as he does not change his lifestyle, there will still be a repurchase event. This is not related to Acupuncture. In addition, we have seen in our patients that if weight loss drugs are used for a long time, it causes loss of brain functions and memory loss. Acupuncture is a harmless treatment method that has no side effects if it is done by someone who knows acupuncture (ie, a specialist in the subject). Everyone needs acupuncture as in modern medicine. Acupuncture is a complement to modern medicine and its success in many diseases has been scientifically proven. I wish state and private insurances would cover acupuncture treatments. Then you can see the value of acupuncture. Healthy and happy hearts to everyone.

Note: The diet criteria in losing weight are as follows. It is necessary to avoid foods with high glycemic index such as dough, pastry, pastry, kadayif, baklava, chocolate, ice cream, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, jams, honey with additives, festfood foods, fries, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes. Oils, all kinds of canned foods are harmful. Natural foods and foods with low glycemic index should be fed as much as possible. fluid should be consumed and exercise should be done for 45 minutes-1 hour. The aim should be to break insulin and leptin resistance.

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