Acne and Pimples Caused by Exam Stress

Most students attach vital meaning to the exam they are going to take. Fear of failure, environmental pressure, and negativities such as lack of subject exacerbate the situation and cause intense anxiety. During this period, along with stress, acne and pimples on the face, which young people do not like, are added to the situation, and exam stress can gain a disturbing dimension.

Stress hormones can trigger facial acne, and this time the young person may begin to dislike himself and experience low self-esteem. However, we can observe that some situations such as avoidance of socialization occur. Of course, all these can affect the young people who are already in adolescence psychologically, and this situation can almost become a vicious circle.

In order to cope with stress and get rid of acne problems, it is very important for students and families to recognize this stress and know what to do to cope with it. It is possible to get rid of acne problems by paying attention to some skin-related conditions and coping with stress in a healthy way.

Young people who have acne problems during the stress period should first get support from a specialist. Attention to daily skin care, balanced and regular nutrition, sleep hygiene are among the issues that young people should pay attention to. In addition to all these, we want to give importance to factors such as breathing exercises, sports, meditation, evening walks, relaxing activities, and time for oneself in order to cope with stress. Because these will help the young person to protect their psychological health by mentally relaxing them. As you feel better psychologically, acne problems will ease and the young person’s self-confidence will increase. Along with a positive mood, self-perception and ability to cope with exam stress will be strengthened. As a result, the performance of the young person will increase and the success rate will increase in the exam.

It should not be forgotten that stress triggers acne problems and the negative effect of acne on psychological health and exam success, and an expert should be consulted without wasting time on the subject.

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