Achilles tendon tear


The Achilles tendon, the largest tendon in the body, is the most frequently torn tendon in sports injuries. The person with a ruptured tendon often feels like an explosion and as if someone had hit him in the back. Achilles tendon rupture may not be very painful and the patient can walk using other accessory muscles. Therefore, the diagnosis of some Achilles tendon tears can be made after a long time.

The standard treatment for Achilles tendon tears in patients aged 50 years is surgical repair. In young and active patients, bringing the tendon ends together completely is very important for the advanced functions of this tendon, which is very important for walking.

Cast treatment can be applied in older patients, but after this treatment, the thrust of the affected ankle may decrease significantly compared to the other ankle. Physical therapy is very useful to restore the muscle strength lost after surgery or plaster cast treatment.

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