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While I was getting ready to take care of my flowers that survived the winter before the session, I met my client at the door of the office. I said that he could accompany me if he wanted, and together we started to care for the flowers. We removed the dried branches. We changed the soil and buckets. Finally, we gave life to two flowers, one of which was worn out and the other that did not fit in its container. The situation reminded me of my clients.

Sometimes with depression

Sometimes with anger directed at himself or someone else,

Sometimes with the feeling of emptiness in which they are lost,

Sometimes with panic and anxiety,

Sometimes with shame, sometimes with feelings of guilt,

Sometimes, I witnessed that they came to seek support in a state of desperation and not being able to get help. “What do you do?” This was actually the answer to the question. Psychotherapy is the lifeblood that people need. If you want to get rid of your burdens and become free, we are waiting for you.

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