About spring fatigue

Are you having trouble waking up in the mornings these days? When you go to work, do your feet go backwards and do not want to turn to high-calorie foods and have a hard time concentrating on many things? Don’t be alarmed. It is most likely caused by “Spring Fatigue”.

Depending on climate change, people’s moods change. The reason for this is that the electric charge in the air increases in the spring months. The increase of positively and negatively charged ions in the air creates positive or negative effects on human biorhythm. While the positive ions make the person feel more energetic, the increase in the negative ions is effective in making the person feel more sluggish and in the appearance of fatigue symptoms. During these times, it is very common to experience temporary seasonal depressions, also known as “spring fatigue”. Although spring fatigue is more or less seen in every person, the lifestyle, personality and morale of the person are the determinants of whether he or she experiences spring fatigue lightly or heavily.

It is a phenomenon that has been accepted for centuries that human morale and psychological energy are affected by the changes in nature, and this sometimes appears less and sometimes more intensely. People living in cold climates, for example in Northern European countries (such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway), suffer from depression and suicide as a result. Likewise, people living in these countries can act more calmly in the face of events. The opposite of this is seen in people living in hot climates, especially on the shores of the Mediterranean, and they are also people who can shine quickly, give sudden reactions, and have more frequent manic episodes by being constantly exposed to sunlight. People who experience spring fatigue can recover slowly, mostly in a month. In order to get through this process more quickly, it will be beneficial to pay attention to the sleep pattern first, to wake up in the morning without sitting until late in the evening, to wake up without waiting for the late hours, and to continue life in daylight as much as possible. If you are drinking alcohol, you should avoid consuming it in large quantities. Alcohol disrupts the body rhythm and increases fatigue by disrupting sleep patterns. In the same way, light salads should be preferred instead of heavy and oily foods, vitamin C should be taken as much as possible, and this should be achieved by consuming seasonal fruits and kiwi in abundance. It should not be forgotten that all kinds of sports, but especially walking in the open air, will help to get through this period more easily, and laziness should be avoided.

Finally, the fact that long-term fatigue and similar symptoms are not taken seriously due to the change of seasons may cause people with “Burnout Syndrome” not to notice these problems. At least 5 of the symptoms such as fatigue, unhappiness, muscle and joint pains, cramps, changes in sleep patterns, difficulty in falling asleep, difficult waking up in the morning, getting up tired in the morning, reluctance to do the things they used to do, menstrual irregularity in women, irritability and fatigue for no reason In this case, it would be best to consult a specialist.

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