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Nose Aesthetics

The nose is the most striking organ in the middle of our face. Breathing and sense of smell are the main functions of this organ. So besides facial aesthetics, my goal is to make a repair that can breathe well and smell! In other words, the internal aesthetics of the nose is as important as the external appearance.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in our country. Only in good and experienced hands it will be successful! Otherwise, successive corrective surgeries may be required!

Special operations (open or closed rhinoplasty) are performed for the problematic parts of the nose. The aim is to create a nose that is not exaggerated, compatible with the face, that can breathe and smell well, that is not overly raised, that is natural and beautiful as if there was no surgery.

The operations are performed under general anesthesia as a team with an experienced anesthesiologist and assistant in the hospital. Since the interventions are made with special tools through the nostrils, the scar is not visible. After this surgery, which can take between 1-2 hours, a small splint is placed on the nose and a special tampon that will remain in the nostrils for a day or two if necessary.

Depending on the patient’s condition and the surgery performed, there may be more or less swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes, which will last for about a week. Pain is usually absent.

After the tampons are removed, sterile seawater sprays are recommended to wash the nostrils and reduce swelling and breathe better. After the splint is removed one week later, the nose is fixed with special paper plasters that will last for one week. Thus, the patient can return to daily life.

The results of the surgery will be evident after about 6 months. Because, in the meantime, there may be changes in the tissue depending on the environmental heat and effects.

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