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Dear readers, “Will my life always be like this?” Don’t worry, it is possible to overcome a panic attack by staying away from stress and fear with expert help. While it is possible to control panic disorder, which is one of the common diseases of recent days, unfortunately, thanks to hearsay and many wrongs that are thought to be true, it progresses even more, harassing the patients and their relatives. Let’s take a look at what a panic attack is and what should be done?

A stressful event suddenly experienced by the person or a state of intense anxiety whose cause is uncertain for the moment can initiate a panic attack. Panic attacks start from a mental perspective and continue with physical symptoms. It is not known when the anxiety will arise; It can be seen while eating, in the dark, in an elevator, while sleeping, in a crowded environment or when alone. This situation varies according to the individual life of the person.

The individual misinterprets the panic attacks he has experienced and fears to experience it again and waits on the alert. He begins to pay more attention to his bodily sensations and to follow them. When he starts to feel similar sensations, he thinks that he will experience the same things and enters into intense anxiety and fear. This is a normal course that every person can experience several times in their lifetime. However, in order for us to call it a disorder, the symptoms of panic disorder must be experienced at a frequency that will force the individual’s life, and this period must be prolonged each time.

Panic disorder symptoms are often confused with heart attack symptoms. During the attack, the person feels as if he is going to die. Heartbeat may accelerate, breathing may be narrowed, eyes may darken, sweating in certain parts of the body, numbness in the lips, dry mouth, tightness in the chest area and dizziness may be experienced. Rarely, nausea, abdominal pain and fainting may occur. The person experiences fear of losing control. A specialist should be consulted for a correct diagnosis.

The attacks usually last up to 7-8 minutes. However, sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes, and sometimes it can take up to 10-12 minutes. In this process, the body creates a defense mechanism by applying the fight or flight tactic. And physically gives the above-mentioned reactions.

Panic attack disorder is a treatable disease. Support from a psychiatrist and psychologist must be sought in the process. Many patients have the misconception that the disease can be cured by using medication alone. However, panic disorder is treated by arranging therapy sessions with a psychologist along with drug treatment. In cases where only drug treatment is applied, the complaints can be repeated after the drug use is over. In fact, in some patients, it is possible to eliminate the disorder only with therapy without the need for medication.

Patients’ relatives

– Relatives of the patients who have an attack should keep their calm during the attack.

– He should not panic and rush with the patient.

– He should comfort the patient by saying suggestive words.

– It should be explained to the patient that it is unnecessary to have multiple tests at the hospital during each panic attack.

– Reassuring the patient and reminding him that the attack will end soon.

– It should help him control his breathing.

– The patient’s behaviors resulting from a panic attack should not be seen as exaggeration, cowardice, incompatibility or pretending. On the contrary, in such cases, patients need family support, relatives of patients should be there to support them.

– Taking medication immediately during an attack is a wrong behavior. Since the panic situation is short-lived, there is no difference between taking it after the attack and taking it at the time of the attack. By the time the medicine takes effect, the panic attack will already be over.

This disorder, which we can call a kind of disease of the age, which is usually caught by controlling people with over-responsibility, causes anxiety attacks and growing fears if not treated. Progression of the course of the disease may lead to depression and alcohol-substance use in the patient. My dear readers, if you are a diagnosed panic attack patient or if you have serious doubts about this, I would like you to start treatment with a reliable specialist without delay.

Stay with love and health.

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