About oral and perioral cancers

In this article, I will talk about Intraoral and Peripheral Cancers, which is one of the health problems that can be seen with increasing frequency today, which is generally not known about but which is of utmost importance.

Intraoral and Surrounding Cancers generally; It is seen in Tongue, Tongue Root, Lip, Floor of Mouth, Cheek, Soft Palate Areas and Gums.

It usually occurs over the age of 45 and the incidence in men is 2 times higher than in women.

It is one of the types of cancer that is very important to be diagnosed early, can grow by spreading, cause pain and loss of function, as it starts as small mouth sores that are mostly ignored. In delayed diagnoses, we, the doctors, not only have difficulty in treating, but also face and mouth deformations, deformities, loss of function, and even death may occur after our treatments in progressive cancer types.

Broken fillings, incompatible prostheses, cheap materials used in dental treatments, as well as cancers caused by reasons such as virus contagion, can cause oral and perioral cancers. In addition, it is known that the risk of cancer increases due to the use of tobacco and tobacco products, alcohol consumption, carcinogens in some nutrients, and especially those who work outdoors, are exposed to excessive sunlight or are under the wind. Genetic predisposition is also among the causes of increased risk.

Our patients should perform their personal controls in their daily oral care. White and red areas in the mouth, tongue, cheeks, lips and around it, all wounds without underestimating them as small, temporary, sensitive, irritated, raised and thick areas, bleeding frequently seen in the mouth, throat, gums, hoarseness in the voice, coarsening They should show their complaints such as difficulties in chewing and swallowing to the relevant specialist doctors and should not disrupt their routine controls.

They should protect themselves against situations that will reduce body resistance such as lack of vitamins and stress, and they should not forget that cancers in the mouth and around the mouth are 15 times more common in people who use tobacco and alcohol heavily than people who do not use it.

In addition, it is important to stay away from unlicensed, cheap and poor quality dental treatments such as fillings, prostheses, implants, which use cheap materials.

Knowledgeable and experienced physicians should prefer quality dental treatments in the relevant institutions and organizations, and they should treat the negativities and diseases such as broken, sharp-edged decayed teeth, fillings, old prostheses that cause wounds by creating cuts and tears in and around the mouth, lips, tongue and surrounding areas, without delay.

I recommend that they have their doctor examined and leave the decision to their doctor, without evaluating the wounds that may occur in the mouth, lips, tongue or around, as important or insignificant, small or large, temporary or permanent.

It should be noted that oral cancers are initially painless. For this reason, they are often neglected and cause us doctors to miss the opportunity to catch an early diagnosis. As the cancer progresses and destroys healthy oral tissues, complaints of pain begin and it may be difficult for patients to realize this.

For early diagnosis, even the smallest change, physician examination and control is essential. In addition, going to the dentist regularly for control and examination plays an important role in early diagnosis of all oral diseases and cancers.

Dr. Dt. Korkut ALDEMIR

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