About nail biting

Nail biting is a common behavioral problem in children and teenagers. It is a condition that occurs especially in children at the age of three and four years. Until the age of three, the child, who tries to recognize and discover objects by putting them in his mouth, may turn this behavior into a nail-biting habit after a while. Nail biting is a result that has many causes. The important thing is to identify the reasons behind this behavior and work on these reasons. Otherwise, this behavior can lead to a learning disability in your child.

Nail biting is a common behavior especially in children with high levels of anxiety and growing up in perfectionist families. Families need to approach their children sensitively and carefully in the face of this problem. The anxiety level of the child who is constantly exposed to warnings and reactions may increase and it can be observed that the nail biting behavior increases in parallel. The important thing is to recognize the cases that cause anxiety in the child and to work on these cases.

The difficulty of working parents to spend quality time with their children can lead to the development of nail biting behavior in children. Taking care of the child and organizing various family activities can significantly reduce nail biting behavior.

In short, there are many reasons for nail biting. Maybe your child is biting nails, telling you to notice him and pay more attention to him.

Suggestions for Family About Nail Biting:

Observe how often your child exhibits nail biting. Be patient and embracing with your child.

Pay little attention to warning him at the time of nail biting.

Take care of your child’s emotional needs. Try to discover what can be good for him,

Most of the time, it helps a lot if you play games regularly.

It may be a positive and comfortable environment that your child needs.

Take care of your child’s nails and encourage him to do his own nail care.

Stay away from family discussions that will cause anxiety in the child.

Avoid punitive elements such as rubbing hot nail polish and pepper on a child’s nails.

If your child’s nail biting behavior has passed for a month, you may think that he is facing a situation that he cannot cope with.

When under stress, your child, who directs his anxiety and anger towards himself, shows nail biting behavior.

Have you tried to help him and your child keeps biting nails?

Maybe it’s time to consult an expert.

The sooner you get support, the easier it is to find a solution.

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