About hyperactivity and attention deficit

Hyperactivity is not a learning disorder, but a behavioral problem that affects learning. Hyperactive children are overactive, act without thinking, and are unable to concentrate on matters that do not interest them for more than a few minutes. Hyperactivity is a problem that is found in 3-5% of school-age children and is more common in boys. Hyperactivity is a major source of stress for the child as well as for the family. Hyperactive children often know that their behavior is distracting and disturbing, but they can’t do anything about it. Parents need to understand this and give their children love and support. Parents should cooperate with their child’s doctor, teachers, and counselors to overcome the challenges of hyperactivity.

If hyperactivity is more prominent in children with this problem, they usually cannot stand still, cannot sit when they should, run and climb out of place, talk excessively, have difficulty playing quietly, always deal with something, miss their answer, have difficulty waiting their turn, interferes with events or conversations, interrupts them. On the other hand, if attention deficit is at the forefront, these children cannot follow the instructions from the beginning to the end, have difficulty in paying attention to the work or play they are doing, lose the materials necessary for the chores and activities they will do at home or at school, do not listen, miss details, seem disorganized, mental effort for a long time. They have difficulty in doing the work that requires them, they are forgetful, they easily shift their attention to other directions.

Some medications are recommended for the treatment of hyperactivity and attention deficit. Although these drugs help the child to focus on a subject better and be calmer during their duration of action, some research on this subject indicates that drug therapy does not offer a permanent solution.

We, on the other hand, recommend behavior modification programs as a solution to hyperactivity and attention deficit, therapy methods such as play therapy, which are very effective for children, various special trainings and family counseling. We think it is the best method to not only eliminate the symptoms, but also to get to the source of the problem.

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