About heel pain

It is also known as a heel spur. It is the hardening and spasm of the strong connective tissue that extends from the heel to the toes, which we call the plantar fascia, orthopedically, resulting in inflammation, that is, inflammation where it adheres to the heel. This is usually a chronic condition, with occasional inflammation to cause pain. Over the years, due to the shortness of this ligament, a bony protrusion appears on the heel that looks like a thorn in the X-ray film. But as it is usually thought, there is no pain because the thorn stings. In the treatment of this mechanical problem, the use of heels, exercises, application of cortisone to that area, shock waves called ESWT are sometimes remedies. However, heel pain is sometimes complicated, these treatments may not work or their effectiveness may be short-lived. In these cases, pain in the heel reflected from the body, such as kidney and liver problems, can manifest themselves here for the first time. The heel may ache as an end to sciatic pain. In these cases, it is necessary to evaluate with a holistic view, and to improve both the pain and the source of the pain with techniques such as alkaline nutrition and neural therapy, acupuncture.

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