About breastfeeding

Breast milk is the most suitable nutrient that ensures the normal growth and development of babies. For the first six months, breast milk ensures that the baby gets all the nutrients it needs. Apart from the physical development of the baby during the breastfeeding period, the bond with the mother is of great importance in terms of the bonding process.

Breastfeeding is the magic bond between mother and child. The pleasure point after the child is born is the mouth. Actions such as sucking, biting, chewing are his source of pleasure. There is also an emotional feeding between mother and baby at the time of breastfeeding. Starting to breastfeed within the first half hour after the child is born facilitates the bond and relations between mother and child. Breastfeeding does not mean just giving milk to the baby, providing nutrition. The mother has bodily contact while breastfeeding. The smell of the mother, the warmth of her skin, helps the baby to calm down and feel safe. Smiling and talking to the mother while breastfeeding strengthens this bond.

The breastfeeding cessation process is just as important as breastfeeding. It is appropriate to breastfeed a baby up to the age of two by the World Health Organization. When it comes to stopping breastfeeding, some mothers may want to delay it. The mother’s need for breastfeeding can reach such dimensions that the baby cannot be separated from the breast. Another breastfeeding challenge is when my child turns the breast into a pacifier. If the baby is given a breast instead of helping him express his stress every time he cries, the baby will not learn to regulate his stress. Becomes addicted to breast or pacifier. We can liken this situation to the fact that adults want to drink alcohol or smoke directly during stress.

If the mother’s breast does not become a stress-busting mechanism, the child of a mother following natural parenting will easily leave her breast at the right age and switch to something else that is at the level of her development.

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