About breast reduction

Breast Reduction

Big breasts should be considered not only as a shape, but also as a disease that disrupts the static of the body. Because with the weight of the breasts, the back and neck vertebrae bend forward and may cause pain and deformation in the future. In addition, rashes, eczema under the breasts, collapses and wounds can occur in the bra and hanger areas. Young girls with big breasts put their shoulders forward to hide their breasts and act shyly, they do not want to show their breasts. They can’t wear bikinis. They have difficulty in choosing a bra dress.

Before the operation, it may be necessary to talk to the patient for about an hour, listen to him and give information about the operation. The aim of the surgery is to perform an intervention that is suitable for the patient’s height, weight and structure, in normal dimensions, upright, leaves as few traces as possible, and does not damage the milk ducts and nipple nerves of the breast.

It is completed in approximately 3.5 hours with the surgical team (anesthesiologist-assistant) in the hospital. After the operation, the patient wears a special bra and continues this for 3 months. After keeping the patient under observation in the hospital for one day, he can be discharged. In 4-7 days, the patient can usually return to his daily life.

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